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Instant Kill Volume 4 Chapter 3

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Translated by TheFireTrucker

Edited by Qwaztop

Chapter 3: Enemies

12th hadn’t been this nervous in a long time; his heart beating rapidly. He already saw everyone as his family now, and in the span of less than a year he had already integrated into this group extremely well. Upon seeing the flying hunting chariot fire randomly at the ground, 12th could feel hatred and anger well up inside him.

“Who are they? Why are they attacking us?” Chen Bing asked as he bit his lip and clenched his teeth.

12th continuously prayed, “Please let them be safe, please……” He didn’t have any thoughts of retaliating, his only thoughts were that they weren’t strong enough to take on these three hunting chariots alone.

On them there were only eighteen people, but they were well prepared. They were all strangers, but the hunting chariots especially amazed 12th for they had the ability to fly, which 12th had never seen before.. It’s not that he hadn’t seen a machine that could fly, in his past life, not only were there airplanes in the sky, but there were also rockets, however this was different, this world is terribly unadvanced so the flying chariot was beyond the limits of imagination in a world like this.

Even though Luo Jie had reached the level of a Great FuZhou Master, he could levitate a few meters off the ground at most, but not fly The hunting chariots were fast, which was very convenient for hunting creatures, be they men or beast, and fighting back was difficult because they were attacking from above. The hunted could only run or hide.

This was a cruel tactic. Through a gap between the rocks 12th could see the people on the chariots fire downwards repeatedly, one after another. That thing was basically like the bazookas of his past lifewhatever it hit would instantly explode, and soon he could hear the horrible screams without knowing who exactly got shot.

12th’s face went pale and he looked terrible as he started looking more and more depressed, while his body was shaking uncontrollably. Seeing this Chen Hong thought that 12th was scared, but in actuality he was furious. She took his hand in an attempt to console him. 12th turned and looked at Chen Hong, understanding immediately, he shook his head slightly. Chen Hong, on the other hand, was in shock because 12th’s eyes were so bloodshot. They seemed completely red.

Huo Bao was so eager that it gave 12th a headache. 12th quietly said, “Let’s retreat and go back to that underground room! It’s too dangerous here! If one of those hits us then we’ll all die for sure!”

“We have to help them!”

12th shoved him and said quietly, “Don’t be stupid! Not holding them back is the biggest help we can give! Now think of a way to get us back!”

Huo Bao saw 12th’s crimson eyes, and was also scared, he whispered, “Fine, we’ll go. No need to get so angry.” He sighed and mumbled, “Since when did he get so fierce?” What was strange was that they didn’t have any thoughts of objecting at all. They all quietly followed 12th as they retreated. They were very careful, doing their best to hide amongst the grass and trees as they made their way back.

Not long after they started moving a green ring of light shot towards one of the chariots. Luo Jie finally made his move.

Ring of Heavenly Thorns!

Luo Jie started with his most powerful attack. He fired three Rings of Heavenly Thorns consecutively, slicing towards the nearest chariot.

The Ring of Heavenly Thorns was fast beyond compare, and in the blink of an eye, it hit the chariot. Luo Jie’s timing was impeccable, making his move between the enemy’s shots. The Ring of Heavenly Thorns bit deep into the chariot, countless sparks were flying from the impact as the materials of the chariots were trying to resist the attack, however it could only stop one, and there were two more following so with the chariot’s defences having been broken, the entire chariot came crashing down.

The five people on board jumped off. It seemed that the Fu Beast Spirits pulling the chariot were under the control of the driver, as they quickly caught the five falling people. Just like that the five of them successfully landed on the ground. 12th then heard a loud voice shouting, “Fire!” and millions of Fu Arrows shot towards those five people.

This synergy was sculpted by Luo Jie after many years of working under him, needless to say, as soon as Luo Jie attacked, the rest of them know exactly how to back him up.

Thankfully Xiao Feng got there in time and everyone hid quickly, however there wasn’t time to notify everyone. As such the other small group was discovered by the hunters and they were fired upon. Luo Jie and Qi Nan Shan couldn’t let anger cloud their judgment, so the two of them formulated a plan beforehand and only then did they attack.

Luo Jie attacked suddenly, first downing one of the opposing chariots, and then continued to attack, shooting three more Rings of Heavenly Thorns, focusing on the next chariot with such great timing that it was breathtaking.

Once the second chariot exploded, the last one quickly flew to evade, not daring to fly randomly lest they get attacked too.

This was a death match, there was no chance of negotiation, it was a kill or be killed situation. As soon as the people from the chariot landed on the ground the Fu Arrows were flying in their direction, and moments later screams and shouts could be heard as they got hit by the arrows and were wounded.

The enemy were well prepared, it was unknown what type of armour they were wearing, but their entire body glowed with Fu Patterns and as soon as a Fu Arrow made contact, countless Fu would appear to block the arrow and stop it entirely. However they never thought that there would be so many Fu Arrows, so once the armour was overwhelmed with numbers, the men could do nothing except get hit and wounded.

Two chariots exploded and twelve people fell, landing in two locations, even though the distance wasn’t far, it was still difficult for them to group up. At that moment Qi Nan Shan was in a rage. The reason why he and Luo Jie were raging was because two Fu Warriors were killed by the enemy attacks. This was also the cause of their collective anger and why they initiated an attack.

Qi Nan Shan, like an arrow, rushed towards the closest six people, with a longsword in hand, which was an uncommon but powerful Fu Weapon. Unleashing a warcry, he swept his sword in an arc in front of him and a giant crescent of silver appeared. He aimed towards the enemy’s waist area.

Those few people were also experienced in combat, so seeing Qi Nan Shan slicing his sword this way, the two of them stepped forward and each held up a giant Fu Shield. The Fu Sword’s strike hit the Fu Shields heavily, and the two guys were surprised as they didn’t think one strike could have this much power in it.

Bang! Bang!

Two loud sounds followed by the two shield men being knocked back, as if they were hit by a giant ball, and in the air they spat out some blood. The Great Fu Master wasn’t some weak, common man, even though he wasn’t the strongest person where they came from, he still wasn’t someone to be underestimated. This one strike just injured two of them.

Qi Nan Shan shouted, “Go to hell!”.

This time he aimed at the young man who fired the heavy artillery, striking in front of him, clean and precise. It was as if he was being cut by light. The old man next to the target suddenly raised his foot and kicked the young man away, but he was slightly too slow as the young man still got hit, but only lost a leg, which was proceeded by screams.

One strike cut off one leg, the young man grabbed his stump as he was rolling on the ground crying and screaming. The old man was the driver of the chariot, and he rushed towards Qi Nan Shan shouting, “You motherfucker!”. The two of them clashed, and after boom they both leapt back. Qi Nan Shan could still find his footing, the old man on the other hand could not There was still a difference in strength as he spurted some blood.

Qi Nan Shan was dauntless as he briefly stabilised himself and immediately started running.

Suddenly a piercing scream was heard, stumbling and tottering, a woman ran. Qi Nan Shan didn’t bother to chase her, but instead rushed to catch that old man.

Two Fu Warriors nearby started chasing after the woman.

Like the wind, Qi Nan Shan sprinted in front of the old man, without hesitation he brandished his sword. The old man stuttered, “You…… You dare kill us?…… I- “ Qi Nan Shan cut him short with a strike from his sword. Smiling coldly he said, “Since you attacked us, then you should have prepared to die!”.

He darted towards the other guy in a crazed rage.

The guy was pale with fright as he said, “Stop! Stop! Please don-……”

Qi Nan Shan swept his sword back, and with a boom, that guy was lifted off of the ground. He attacked unabated, and not waiting for the guy to finish he thrust his sword, and all that could be heard was a crunching noise as all the bones in that guy’s body was crushed. The guy’s body went limp in the air in an arc, and with a thud, hit the ground, dead.

No matter who it was, being hit by a Great Fu Master up close was an incredibly frightening thing. In the brief time of ten seconds, six people were either killed or heavily injured.

The ones who landed on the other side suffered likewise for they were surrounded by Fu Warriors. However those Fu Warriors didn’t fight head on, instead they relentlessly fired volleys of Fu Arrows. Luo Jie used ranged attacks to quickly end the fight. Seeing the twelve people on the ground being slaughtered, the remaining chariot in the sky quickly retreated, disappearing into the horizon.

Luo Jie said gravely, “Loot the dead, I’ll go find 12th!”. He was smart, these three flying chariots, although the people on board had similar skill levels may be a bit weaker, their preparations were strong. It was also clear that these were three small groups. Had there been one or two dozen of these groups, then the consequences would have been more serious.

“Hurry! Let’s leave!”

Qi Nan Shan looked a bit worse for wear, he: lost two of his Fu Warriors, had one heavily injured Fu Master and one lightly injured. So even though he killed over ten of the people who had randomly attacked them, he was still seething with rage. In the Mysterious Lands it was rare to encounter these attack-first-questions-later people.

“There’s still one alive!” reported on the the Fu Masters. Qi Nan Shan brusquely replied, “Kill him!”.

Luo Jie interjected, “Wait! Bind him and take him with us!”.

Qi Nan Shan was angry beyond words, he said, “Elder, are you really going to let him live?”

“I’m not letting him live, I want to know who they are! I almost forgot about it during the killing! Good thing there’s still one alive to talk.” replied Luo Jie.

Qi Nan Shan said, “Damn, it seems I also forgot about that. Fuck…… Who the hell are they, attacking without warning, did they take us for prey?”.

They all made their retreats quickly. 12th and his group hadn’t even made it all the way back to the underground room and were already caught up to. Luo Jie yelled out, “12th are you okay?” as he grabbed 12th by the shoulders and looked him up and down. The worry on his face made 12th very emotional, knowing his Master really cared about him.

12th replied, “Master, I’m fine! Don’t worry! So…… Where do we go from now? We can’t stay here!”.

The people present, other than the five kids, were all experienced fighters and they didn’t fear fighting. Luo Jie nodded and said, “We’ll go into the forest, maybe we can hide there”.

Surrounding the ruins was a giant mass of trees, 12th thought very hard for a second and looked down at his feet.

“What’s wrong?” asked Luo Jie.

12th replied, “The trail that we’re leaving behind…… it’s too obvious, it’ll be too easy for them to follow us!”.

Luo Jie couldn’t stop smiling wryly. Usually he would rarely need to cover up his own tracks because he was a Great FuZhou Master and barely anybody would dare challenge him, however this time is different, so even though he had killed those initial attackers, he knew that if more groups came it would be impossible to beat them all. Especially since they had those bazooka-like weapons, which made things all the more difficult.

Qi Nan Shan said, “Follow us? Perfect, I’ll kill them all!”. His hatred for those strangers was incredible.

12th said, “First thing’s first, we should get to the forest. It’s too open here. If any of those people flew over now, we wouldn’t even have anywhere to hide. It’s too dangerous!”.

Luo Jie agreed, saying, “Alright, let’s go!”.

“Luo Zhan, carry 12th. Xiao Feng take Huo Bao and the others. We should go as fast as possible.” Qi Nan Shan said.

A few minutes later, everyone made their way into the forest. As soon as they entered the forest 12th yelled out, “Stop! Stop!”.

Whether it was Luo Jie or Qi Nan Shan, they all respected 12th’s opinions. Right now his words bore a lot of weight so everyone stopped immediately. Luo Jie asked, “12th, why are we stopping?”.

12th smiled and said, “Master, Grandpa Nan Shan, wait a bit. Uncle Luo and Uncle Feng, give me a hand!” as he motioned for the two Fu Masters to dig a hole here and there, peel some bark, etc.. Everyone watching were utterly confused. Next he pulled out a Single-use Fu and placed it inside. Luo Jie understood instantly, asking, “12th, this is a trap isn’t it?”.

“Yep, it’s a trap!”

Luo Jie stated, “Single-use Fu are too weak, it might not work on them.”

12th smiled, saying, “I wasn’t planning on hurting them in the first place,. Of course if it can hurt them then all the better, but it’s a shame that there aren’t any more powerful Single-use Fu, haha. The purpose of this trap is forewarning, it let’s us know if and when those people are chasing us, so we can better prepare ourselves!”.

Luo Jie said, “I have a few decent Single-use Fu, haha, I’ll give them all to you.” as he passed over six Fu. 12th didn’t think too much as he immediately buried another two. Keeping the other four, if his Master said they were decent then they must be quite decent, so he didn’t want to put them all into the trap.

After a delay of about fifteen minutes, 12th finished his preparations. He said, “Alright, it’s done, Master, let’s go.”

They didn’t go towards the mountain valley, but instead they continued deeper into the forest, slightly changing their direction. They originally went East, but now they were heading North East.

After hurrying for about 100 miles, Luo Jie said, “Stop! Search the area, see if there’s a suitable place to rest.”

Luo Zhan put 12th down, saying, “12th, you’ve gotten heavy again……”

12th, using the most innocent of expressions, said, “My bones are heavy…… Uncle, this little bit of weight shouldn’t affect you that much, right? You run faster than a rabbit!”.

Luo Zhan didn’t respond, and a few moments later he said, “Fucking rabbit, you’re the rabbit here……” He could help but laugh after finishing.

12th laughed too and shrugged as he turned around and walked to his Master’s side, saying, “Master, we can’t stop here for too long, rest a bit, but the sooner we leave the better.”

Luo Jie nodded, saying, “We have a hostage, we should interrogate him, and try to find out who they are.”

Qi Nan Shan smiled cruelly, volunteering, “I’ll go!”.

12th immediately followed, “I’ll go too!”.

Luo Jie nodded, “Alright, let’s go together, I want to know who they are too.”

It was a man in his mid twenties, wearing fancy clothes, who had lots of Fu Patterns on them. There were also many small Fu pieces hidden in them, and the Fu Belt around his waist was also beautiful, there was even a pretty little Fu on his buckle.

Qi Nan Shan meekly said, “12th, you ask him!”

Shocked, 12th asked, “Me?”

Qi Nan Shan nodded, “I’m afraid I’ll lose my temper and kill him!”

12th wasn’t even nervous, he had already interrogated a captive before in his past life, he said, “Alright then I’ll do it!”. So he walked up to the captive and said, “Give me a waterskin!”. He filled his mouth with water and sprayed the guy all over. The guy was woken up by the sudden coldness, but he was still dizzy.

Qi Nan Shan and Luo Jie gathered some Fu Masters and surrounded him, they wanted to see how 12th would interrogate the captive.

The first thing 12th said gave everyone shivers.

“Bro, what’s your name?”

It’s like this kid calls everyone he meets ‘bro’. If it was with someone he knew, then calling them ‘bro’ or ‘uncle’ wouldn’t be out of the ordinary, but calling a captive ‘bro’? Everyone watched 12th with wonder, not knowing how he’d deal with this captive.

“You bastard! Let me go!”

12th told him, “Good children don’t swear!” as he took the guy’s hand and pinched his little finger. He didn’t have Qi Nan Shan’s strength, able to break that bone like a twig, however his method was more effective, and he bent the finger back. There was a snapping sound, and the first section of the finger snapped at the joint.

The man screamed, breaking a finger was very painful. 12th asked, “So brother, what’s your name?”

Everyone could feel the chill down their spines, a nine year old kid doing something like this, so calm and collected, it was a little unsettling.

“Hnng…… Aaaggghhh…… You……I’ll fucking kill you! I’ll fucking skin you alive……”

12th took out the Fu Knife he used to cut up Fu Beasts, “Good idea! But you know brother…… I have a better idea! How about this, I’ll skin you alive first! What do you say?”

Once he saw the Fu Knife that 12th was holding, he knew that that knife was used for collecting materials. Fear crept into his eyes, and at the same time he confirmed that 12th was indeed a practitioner of Fu. He screamed, “You won’t get away! Even if you kill me, you still won’t get away…… You’ll be sold as slaves…… Ugh…… Just you wait……”

12th frowned, saying, “I hate being threatened, hehe,” he continued, “I’ll dig your eyes out, who knows if that can be fixed……. Heh, maybe I’ll cut off your eyelids and let your eyes slide out?” as he ran his Fu Knife along the guy’s eye socket lightly.

At that moment the man gave up, he said, “You…… you win! Ask what you will, I won’t hide anything. Kill me or free me…… Just don’t torture me!”

12th nodded, asking, “Name?”

“Fu Ye Jie. My name is Fu Ye Jie!”

12th curiously asked, “That’s a strange name! Your family name is Fu?”

(T/N: In case you’re wondering, that Fu in his name is not the same character as the Fu (Runes). It’s strange because it’s rare that someone would have that as the family name.)

Fu Ye Jie replied, “No, my family name isn’t Fu, it’s Fu Ye, I’m from the Fu Ye clan!”

12th was at a loss as he asked, “Master, have you heard of the Fu Ye clan?”

Luo Jie replied, “No, I’ve never heard of such a clan.”

12th continued to asked, “How many of you came? Why did you attack us?”

Fu Ye Jie smiled coldly, “Hah, You came from the lower levels of the FuZhou Lands right? We came from the upper levels, unlike you…… needing to wait for the right moment and luck to enter the Mysterious Lands, we can enter any time we want. This Mysterious Land is a training area, and every so often hundreds of people come to train! This time…… there are over three hundred hunting chariots just from my clan! If only we didn’t separate from the group…… Argh!”

12th continued, “Why did you attack us?”

Fu Ye Jie said coldly, “This place is a training area, so anybody who didn’t come with us from the upper levels of the FuZhou Lands are all enemies, so if we encountered anybody from the lower levels, haha, then they are all trophies, our slaves! That’s why, that’s the reason we attacked you!”

12th smiled coldly, “But now you’re our prisoner, you’re our slave!”

Fu Ye Jie laughed, “Haha, in your dreams! You won’t get away! This time, tens of thousands of hunting chariots came through! Along with the leading group there are hundreds of thousands of people, you really think you can escape? Haha……”

12th, “Does everyone have their own Fu Door?”

Fu Ye Jie replied, “Fu Door? Only each clan has a giant Fu Door, How could each individual have their own?”

12th turned and looked at Luo Jie, there was shock and non-understanding in his eyes. 12th continued to ask, “Are Individual Fu Doors rare?”

Fu Ye Jie said, “Individual Fu Doors? They exist? How come I don’t know about it! In any case you people from the lower levels, you couldn’t possibly have such a thing.”

12th asked, “How big is this Mysterious Land? Have you got a map?”

Fu Ye Jie’s expression changed slightly, he said, “No, we only came to train, why would we have a map!”

12th knew that this guy was lying, but he didn’t call him out on it immediately. He continued, “Your power, compared to the others who were with you, are you one of the weaker ones?” He said provocatively.

Fu Ye Jie smiled, “You don’t have to gauge our strength, infact, I’ll tell you…… I’m not the weakest but there are at least ten thousand who are as strong as me or stronger than myself…… There’s also at least ten thousand, hehe, if our elders were here…… they would be more than ten times more powerful than us! Good luck going up against them!” The connotations of what he said sent shivers down everyone’s spines.

12th calmly asked, “How do you differentiate between the people from upper levels and lower levels?”

Fu Ye Jie said, “Stop dreaming, it would be impossible for you to disguise yourselves as people from the upper levels!”

12th smiled, “Smart! You guessed that?” He stood up and said, “Master, I’m done here.” Qi Nan Shan smiled, “He asked everything that should’ve been asked, I don’t have anything more to add. Elder have you got any questions left?”

Luo Jie asked, “Where are you all gathering?”

“East,” answered Fu Ye Jie, “don’t torture me, just kill me, please!” he knew the hopelessness of his situation and realised that trying to escape was futile. All he could do was beg for a quick death.

Qi Nan Shan nodded, “Very well, you deserve this much!” Raising his hand, he struck the prisoner once, killing him.

Then, from far away, the sound of the trap rung.


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Instant Kill Volume 4 Chapter 2

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Translated by TheFireTrucker

Edited by Qwaztop

Chapter 2: Ruins

Luo Jie asked, “Yesterday, Li Ran said something, do you remember what it was?”

12th laughed and replied, “Master, Brother Li said many things yesterday, couldn’t you be a little more specific? Unless…… You don’t mean that thing about the hunters…… do you?” He suddenly remembered that Qi Nan Shan said that his Master was very worried; he must’ve been worried about the journey they were about to make today. After thinking about it a bit, he understood just what his Master was worried about.

Luo Jie couldn’t help but shake his head, saying, “Oh 12th, you are too smart, of all the possibilities you even guessed this accurately.”

12th waved his hand modestly, “It was just a thought.”

“Little Demon!” Qi Nan Shan quietly mumbled.

Luo Jie said, “What do you think 12th? I don’t think Li Ran would lie to us so I don’t dispute the credibility of this information, however we don’t know how strong those hunters are, and if they are stronger than us then we’ll be walking into a death trap, if we’re about even or if they’re weaker than us then it should be worth us continuing exploring.”

12th replied, “There is a possibility that we’re stronger than them, but most likely they are more powerful than us.”

Qi Nan Shan said, “We’ve already come this far, I don’t think anybody wants to turn around and go back.”

Indeed, like Qi Nan Shan, Luo Jie clearly didn’t want to go back, for the Mysterious Lands were not easy to enter and even though they had Fu Doors now, the only location recorded on it was this Mysterious Land. They also didn’t have the location of their home recorded, so they had to wait until they managed to leave the Mysterious Land and only upon returning to their home could they record the location onto the Fu Door, so even if they wanted to return home, they couldn’t. They were also unwilling to stay in one place and not do anything, so the only choice was to press on.

As such, Luo Jie made his decision quickly, “We’ll continue, but be careful, try to hide from the hunters and if we do encounter them, don’t hesitate, kill them immediately! We must not allow our presence to be known lest they start hunting us.” He said with a ferocious killing intent.  He was willing to kill for the group’s safety.

Qi Nan Shan called out, “Alright, gather round!”

12th said, “Master, we need to find some horses first, walking like this is too slow.”

Luo Jie replied, “Yeah, at the speed we’re going, it would be too exhausting.”

The group of 25 people gathered quickly, Qi Nan SHan said, “Luo Zhan, take two people to scout ahead, if you see people don’t do anything, return immediately.”

Luo Zhan nodded and took two people ahead.


What was ahead was a seemingly endless expanse of forest. Fog rose out of the jungle and under the sunlight, it produced rainbows. Countless birds were flying overhead with their bird calls. Occasionally, a strange growl emanated from the forest, it sounded like a beast’s call, which gave this forest quite an eerie and ominous atmosphere.

Luo Zhan and his company stood atop a hill, carefully watching the edge of the forest, he announced, “That forest is not safe!”

Qi Nan Shan’s expression was grave, he said, “We don’t know what’s in there, Elder, I have a bad feeling about this, it’s as if this forest will be my grave.”

Luo Jie said, “Bullshit! We’ll be careful, you give the orders. 12th, you and your companions follow me, don’t worry, Master is here, nothing bad will happen.”

12th has a strong feeling of danger present, he said, “Master, I know.” as he said to his four companions, “Everyone, follow us closely, don’t be stupid, under no circumstances must we distract the Masters.”

Huo Bao said, “We can help too!”

12th said, “Lil Bao, now is the worst time to be thinking like that, we can’t help, and we must not add to the problem, got it? We are far too weak to help them! Not distracting the Masters is the biggest help we can give!”

Luo Jie slightly nodded, 12th was very wise, and he was not wrong, not distracting them was the best help they can offer.

“Listen to 12th’s orders! Your jobs are simple, and that’s to protect 12th, you don’t need to worry about anything else, the rest is for us old people to handle.”

Luo Zhan and the other two Fu Warriors had already entered the forest, they had a good communication system, so they wouldn’t get lost. Qi Nan Shan called, “Form two groups, left and right, I’ll lead, the Elder and 12th’s group go in the middle, everyone else follow behind…… Alright everyone, liven up! Let’s go!”

Luo Jie told 12th’s group, “Follow me, don’t fall behind.”

The jungle was humid with a strong smell of decay in the air. 12th held a Fu Knife, occasionally brushing past branches and weeds. After about ten minutes into the forest he encountered a pair of poisonous snakes, which were promptly cut in pieces by his Fu Knife.

Next to him were two little dogs, they were Beast Fu gifted by the Great Zhou Master, Wu Qi Rong, they could be used to search and scout ahead, because the Fu that commanded them was incomplete, they weren’t very useful. But having the two dogs following had it’s benefits, they were the ones who noticed the snakes.

Everyone slowly waded through the jungle, 12th could barely see the sky above them, which was basically completely covered by trees, as the temperature increased, more and more bugs came out, there were also endless croaks from frogs. Everyone bore the heat and proceeded without complaint, at a place like this, nobody wanted to speak, they only want to get through this frightful forest quickly.

Qi Nan Shan suddenly raised his arm, and everyone immediately stopped,  The heat felt more unbearable than ever at that moment. 12th looked like he’d taken a shower, it was his first time sweating so much that his sweat felt like sludge, it was even worse than a sauna. Luo Jie was as usual, he had his Innate Fu protecting him, so he doesn’t feel the heat at all.

Even though 12th had his Innate Fu, it had not formed into an Innate Fu Orb yet. He didn’t have enough Fu to turn it into an Innate Fu Orb, and so there weren’t many uses yet, so he just had to bear it and power through the immense heat.

A Fu Warrior quickly returned to Qi Nan Shan’s side, whispered something and carried on ahead, Qi Nan Shan signalled to every to follow. After about half an hour of walking, everyone’s eyes glittered. They had suddenly walked out of the eerie jungle, and could feel the cool breeze and fresh air, the feeling was very indulgent.

Before them lay slews of rocks, it was impossible for large trees to grow, only small bushes, so they could see the sky. This place was a ruin, the majority of buildings had already collapsed, only a very small number of stone houses were left standing and not too far away was a small stream which flowed around the ruins.

“These are ruins? What kind of people left this behind?”

Luo Jie shook his head saying, “I don’t know, but we’ll rest here for a few days and while we’re at it, we’ll look around this place to see if we can find anything good. Ruins like this are usually here because of a civilization dying out, sometimes there might be something nice amongst the rubble, like maybe some Fu left behind from the people of this place…… It’s up to luck now really, we might even be able to find a Spirit Fu or Ancient Fu.”

Qi Nan Shan called, “You see that stone column? Everyone scatter, split up and search around, everyone gather at that stone column by dusk, we’ll camp there.” He then also called, “A few of you come with me, we’re going hunting! Luo Zhan you are on protection detail for the Elder!”

12th smiled, “Master, there shouldn’t be any danger here, let us five form a group and look around too.”

Luo Jie said, “Xiao Feng, go with 12th’s group. Luo Zhan, let’s go to that stone column.”

12th cheered, calling, “Uncle Feng, everyone, let’s go, hehe, let’s go that way!” as he walked to the left amongst the rubble.

Everyone formed a line and disappeared into the ruins.

These ruins were big, about the size of 12th’s city from his last life. The group of 25 easily spread amongst the ruins so they lost sight of each other.

12th had already seen a building that hadn’t collapsed yet, it was a two storey stone house under the shade of a giant tree that was in front of it, at a cursory glance, it was easy to miss.

The road disappeared and all that was left was rubble, it gave way to overgrown grass, shrubbery and weeds, 12th and his company had to use Fu Knives to cut a path as they slowly made their way forward.

The road wasn’t long, and because the stone house was right next to the edge of the forest, it was very easy to miss.

Chen Hong was following behind 12th, relentlessly muttering to herself, “I need to bathe, I’m beginning to smell, Oh, I need to bathe…… This bloody place is too hot……” Occasionally she’d catch herself speaking aloud so she lowered her voice, but 12th’s hearing was very good, he could hear it clearly and couldn’t help but say, “Stop nagging…… the more you repeat yourself the hotter it is……”

At that, Chen Hong immediately blushed, afraid to speak, so she closed her mouth and didn’t speak anymore.

After walking for about half an hour, the six of them finally reached the stone house. There was a giant tree practically half embedded in the stone building, who knew how long it’d been alive for. It was cool and refreshing in the shade of the tree. This building was very ancient, the walls were overgrown with vines, not only the walls but the vines have grown into the building and covered a lot of the interior too.

Huo Bao cheered as he ran inside, only for 12th to catch him by the collar and pull back hard, saying, “Stop being so excited! Don’t just abruptly sprint ahead!”

Huo Bao unbelieving, asked, “12th, when did you get so strong?”

12th curiously asked, “I’m not that strong am ? Stop kidding around.”

Huo Bao shook his head, he was trying to figure out how he got pulled back by 12th, saying, “12th, you really have gotten a lot stronger…… nevermind, I’m going ahead to take a look, I’ll be careful!” 12th brought out his Fu Knife and said, “Wait for me! Stop running off!”

Xiao Feng only watched with a smirk on his face, he didn’t have to intervene, he knew to let the kids grow by themselves, if they needed help out of every situation then it would be impossible for them to mature.

Not long after, Huo Bao walked out, with an expression full of disappointment, sighing, “There’s nothing inside, it’s empty.”

12th smiled saying, “Well let’s go in and have another look.”

This gloomy, ominous, little stone house was completely made of green stone, as such it was very sturdy, especially since it stayed standing after countless centuries of erosion, and still kept its original architecture. 12th walked into a room on the second floor, saying, “This is the master bedroom.”

There was a platform on the side of the second floor virtually completely covered by branches. There was a total of three bedrooms, one of them had half collapsed and the sky could be seen while the floorboards that were there originally had long since decomposed. The rooms on the ground floor were even more dilapidated. 12th followed the platform down to the back of the house.

The garden was overgrown with wild grass and bushes, not far out was a collapsed little stone building, all that was left were ruins. 12th flourished his Fu Knife and cut a path through the grass. Huo Bao mused, “12th, that stone house has already collapsed, there probably isn’t anything there.”

Without answering 12th continued on ahead, and soon they arrived at the collapsed structure, and he began to diligently look around in the rubble.

Xiao Feng asked, “Have you found anything?” He has a strange faith in 12th, always feeling like the kid was special.

12th smiled, “I’m not sure, heh, there’s a little guesswork going on, would you mind giving me a hand?”

Xiao Feng replied readily, “Sure, what do you need me to do?”

12th said, “Move all of these stones away!”

Xiao Feng laughed, “This might take a while, alright, just wait a bit…… You guys, come help us out, Chen Hong you don’t have to.”

The few of them quickly moved all of the rubble away, Xiao Feng dealt with the big green stones and everyone else moved the smaller ones so it only took about twenty minutes before the floor of the stone building was revealed.

12th looked around and asked, “Can you clear out this corner here too?”

Without complaint, Xiao Feng took the three kids and quickly cleared the rubble in the corner., “Chen Hong, could you pass me the waterskin?” requested 12th.

Chen Hong passed over a waterskin, 12th opened it and poured the contents onto the ground. Chen Bing began to understand what he was doing, saying, “Is this to check for a hidden basement?” With that, everyone else understood it too, 12th was looking for a basement, and this was a pretty good method for it.

Soon the water stopped spreading out, but instead started to flow downwards. 12th smiled, saying, “Here it is. Uncle Feng, I’ll leave this to you! Dig this up, there must be a basement here.”

Xiao Feng brought out a Fu Cudgel and continuously smacked the ground with it, after a few times, the ground started to crack and a hole was made. Xiao Feng carried on hitting the ground making the hole bigger, and in the sun, they could clearly see the staircase leading down.

Xiao Feng said in admiration, “Impressive, you can even find something like this. I’ll go down and have a look first, you guys wait here.” as he brought out his Fu Dagger, saying, “Give me an Illumination Fu!”

12th had a lot of these single use Auxiliary-type Fu, so he lifted his hand and shot out an Illumination Fu, and at that moment a beam of light shot down, illuminating the stairway below.

Xiao Feng slowly walked down, and not long after he called up, “Come on down, there isn’t anything dangerous down here.”

12th and his company walked down. Xiao Feng has already started using a Fu Lamp. As soon as 12th went in, he understood, this was a grand hall for creating Fu. It was pretty much the same as the rooms for creating Fu in the North Fu Sect, with few minor differences. He could see the tools left behind, and amongst them there were a few tools that he had not seen before.

This underground structure had one grand laboratory and four other rooms. All the materials, except for the minerals and bone materials, in the material storage room had long since rotted away, and all the liquid materials had already dried up. The washing room still had water flowing through and there wasn’t anything in the furnace room. However,it was the last room that gave 12th a great surprise. Inside not only was there a skeleton, but also seven Fu Books, the only problem was that he couldn’t find the Fu Keys to open them.

12th walked over to the skeleton, squatting down, he studied it a bit. The clothes had long since decomposed, even the Fu Belt which was around the waist had turned into dust, so there wasn’t anything of value left.

He found that on the bones were small thin Fu Patterns that he knew were left behind by Shadow Fu, which indicated that this person wasn’t a Fu Warrior but was in fact a FuZhou Warrior. 12th swallowed a breath and stood, and accidentally knocked the skeleton with his foot, which caused the skeleton to collapse with the head rolling to one side while the jaw dropped off of the skull, and stuck in the roof of its mouth was a Fu.

It was a red coloured Fu and the appearance of the Fu was unique, it was irregular. It was quite pretty to look at, and on it were layers of Fu Patterns but there was also a red bird engraved on it. That bird looked just like a 3D pictured inscribed onto the Fu. 12th habitually placed the Fu onto his forehead, trying to discover what kind of Fu it was

(T/N: Ok now I am pretty sure that Fu, i.e. Runes are actually Rune Stones. Literally rocks with runes inscribed on them.)

As soon as it made contact with his spirit, the Fu immediately dissipated and was quickly absorbed into his Innate Fu, and so into his spirit. 12th was greatly surprised and happy, for he knew that this Fu was at least a Spirit Fu. He continued to inspect it and couldn’t help but smile. The Fu hadn’t completely deteriorated yet, there was one more use left in it, but because of that, he could use is spirit energy to slowly regenerate it.

12th closed his eyes, carefully experiencing this Fu. He had a feeling that it was very powerful, but he couldn’t figure out how this Fu was created. He felt like it was an imprint of a bird’s spirit, with a powerful, fiery aura circling it. For now, his Innate Fu had already absorbed two Fu, one was the Spirit Fu for the Fu Door, and the other was this new one.

12th was almost certain that this Fu was a higher tier than Spirit Fu, but whether it was an Ancient Fu or not he couldn’t be sure of. His spirit continuously channeled energy into the new Fu, and in a moment’s effort, the Bird Fu started to emanate a brilliant red light that circled his Innate Fu rapidly, and after each circuit the Bird Fu recovered a little. 12th knew that given enough time, the Bird Fu could completely recover.

Huo Bao couldn’t stop complaining as he sighed, “This bastard was skint, there’s nothing here, it would’ve been nice if he had kept some high tier Fu around……”

Hong Shi giggled, saying, “Keep dreaming, had it not been for 12th, we wouldn’t have even found this underground chamber, haha. There seems to be quite a bit of material and some tools for creating Fu, this counts as a success!” They didn’t know that 12th had already found a Fu.

After carefully searching for a bit, they didn’t find anything else. 12th smiled and said, “Let’s go, we were quite lucky today.”

After they returned to the surface, Xiao Feng said, “Let’s go straight to the stone column.”

Everyone made their way to the stone column with some difficulty. Although this place used to be a city, now it was more like an overgrown jungle, with rubble, weeds, thickets, bushes and small trees growing everywhere.

12th suddenly felt a wave of fear, it was a fluctuation in his spirit, it was just like anticipating a steep drop whilst riding a roller-coaster. He said weakly, “Wait a moment, something’s wrong……” He waved everyone in amongst the rubble. Xiao Feng asked, “What’s the matter? What’s wrong?”

Everyone squatted next to a green rock, 12th said, “I don’t feel too well, wait a bit, there’s something wrong.”

Everyone was very confused, 12th himself doesn’t know what this spirit is suddenly afraid of. Everyone looked around, and Huo Bao said, “I don’t see anything wrong…… 12th, are you okay?”

12th couldn’t help but remember his last life, for when he also had such a feeling of fright, especially on a battle ground, it was very efficacious, and thanks to this gut instinct he avoided many dangers. He said, “Stop talking, keep still!” His tone suddenly became very serious. Huo Bao has never seen 12th so serious, so he stopped talking.

“Uncle Feng, could you please hurry over to the stone column, hurry and warn my Master…… There is definitely something wrong, don’t ask how I know, but please hurry, we’ll hide right here and ask the Masters to hide as well.”

Xiao Feng was hesitant because he was tasked to protect 12th.


It was very frightening to see 12th angry, even though he was just a child, the air of power around him was anything but weak. Xiao Feng nodded, and said, “Don’t run off! I’ll be back soon!”

12th grabbed his arm and said, “Remember that underground room we were in? If a problem arises, we’ll go hide there. Uncle Feng, you stay safe too.”

Xiao Feng nodded, and zipped through the rubble. Without 12th and his company to slow him down, he made his way around with amazing speed, he disappeared amongst the trees in the blink of an eye.

12th sat down and said, “Everyone rest up, but stay vigilant, and talk quietly!”

Chen Hong was pale with fright, she asked, “12th, what happened? Don’t just scare us like that!”

12th couldn’t explain it, he swallowed a breath and said, “Everyone trust me, just wait here. I don’t know what’s going to happen but it won’t be good……” He let out a long breath. The frightful fluctuations in his spirit suddenly appeared again, prompting him to look around.

“Look! What’s that?”

Beams of light streaked across the sky, as soon as they saw it, they heard a roar.

12th said in a panic, “Everyone hide! Stay hidden!” He vigorously rubbed his eyes, as he couldn’t believe what he was seeing in the sky, thinking to himself, “Fucking hell…… What is that thing? Is it a chariot? Since when could chariots fly? Shit!”

In reality what was flying in the sky was not a chariot, it only had few similarities to a chariot, it was a Fu Carriage being driven by Fu Beast Spirits, which allowed it some degree of flight. It could only fly a few hundred meters above ground, but it was very fast. If Li Ran was here, he would’ve been able to tell 12th that this wasn’t a chariot, it was a hunting vehicle, it was a flying chariot specifically used for hunting.

12th’s eyesight was pretty good, as one chariot flew overhead, he could clearly see the people on board. There was a total of six people, the coachman was an old man, the other five were young men standing on the carriage.

Each person had Fu Light flashing from them, forming armour. They watched the ground carefully, with three of them holding a thin, long Fu Machine. 12th‘s pupils contracted, he immediately understood, those things looked a lot like sniper rifles, only with the enchantment of Fu Patterns, their power was even greater.

12th made a silent prayer, hoping that Uncle Feng had already arrived at the stone column to warn everybody.

Huo Bao’s face was filled with fear, as he stared into the sky, quietly asking, “Who…… Who are those people?”

12th stared at him viciously, and placing his index finger on his lips, signalled for him to shut up, and at the same time he motioned for everyone to stay well hidden.

There was a total of three hunting chariots continuously circling the air above them. Suddenly, one of the three hunting chariots flew down towards a part of the ruins, and then he saw two sniper rifles aim down, and with a flash with Fu Patterns, the ground below exploded violently. There was a long scream, and they could see silhouettes of people dashing around the rubble, trying to escape, at the same time, the people in the chariots began to cheer.

12th uttered bitterly, “Somebody was discovered!”

Chen Hong’s face turned pale again as she asked, “Who was discovered?”

“I can’t see, but I hope it wasn’t the Masters. Only Master has ranged attacks, everyone else……” He replied with a sigh.

Instant Kill Volume 4 Chapter 1 (Part 2)

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Translated by TheFireTrucker
Edited by Qwaztop

Part 2:

Pale green mist wafted out from 12th’s face and moments later it formed a small Fu Orb; it was only the size of a thumb that emanated clear, crisp light floating at the tip of his nose. 12th’s eyes were closed as if he were meditating.

Li Ran was so startled that he exclaimed, “Son of a bitch…… That’s not possible!”

12th suddenly opened his eyes and that little ball of Fu dissipated into a stream of green light and went back into him. Confused, he asked, “Brother Li, what’s wrong? What’s not possible?”

12th didn’t understand what was happening, but everyone present were all powerful people, and they all knew what this meant. This meant that 12th already had his Innate Fu, even though he was only nine years old, which is why it was so unbelievable.

Li Ran asked, “12th, how old are you? Are you really only nine years old?”

Luo Jie smiled bitterly saying, “Sometimes…… I also doubted that, but I know that he is indeed only nine years old, in that there is no doubt, haha, where we come from he has a nickname…… the Demon Child!”

(T/N: GoodWife translated the nickname as the Strange Child, but the chinese characters mean “demonic and evil”, say in the comments which one you prefer.)

12th said defensively, “Master, those people are stupid! It’s just that I am more knowledgeable and a little bit clever with a higher intelligence…… Oh yeah, Brother Li, what you were saying earlier, what’s not possible?”

Li Ran asked, “How did you find that Innate Fu of yours?”

12th said, “Oh it was simple really, Brother Li. Why do I need to spend ten years to find it? Is finding it earlier bad?” He started feeling a little nervous at that thought.

Li Ran was utterly speechless. After a long while he said, “Your Master was right…… You are a little Demon Child!”

A thought suddenly appeared in 12th’s mind, he gleefully asked, “Master! Master! Does this mean I’ve advanced to a FuZhou Master?”

Luo Jie swallowed his breath and said, “You…… wouldn’t be a fully fledged FuZhou Master. I don’t know if this even counts as advancing because your situation is unprecedented, as such your Master cannot give you a definite answer. To be honest with you, 12th, whether you advance or not isn’t really important, what is important though…… is whether or not you’ve become more powerful. So, have you?”

To 12th, this reply felt like a bucket of iced water being poured on his head. At that moment his mind cleared and he answered, “Hmm, I think I’m still not strong enough, there’s too much still lacking.”

Li Ran’s expression was strange, every time he was about to speak, he immediately closed his mouth again. After a long while he finally said, “Luo Jie, my brother, you are very lucky. Although…… you shouldn’t influence the development of this little apprentice of yours. It’s much better to let him grow by himself in his own way, haha, all you have to make sure is that he’s following the right path.”

Luo Jie thought about it for a moment and agreed, “Indeed, this little guy is growing too fast, I’m at a bit of a loss. Alright then, I’ll listen to you.”

Li Ran stood and said, “Alright, it was very nice to meet all of you, but it’s time that I left this place. You guys can stay in this hut but remember to close the door when you leave.” Without waiting for a reply, a Fu Door appeared in front of him and with a wave, he left.

Li Ran left so quickly that everyone just stared as he disappeared inside the Fu Door. Only when the Fu Door vanished did everybody snap out of it.

Luo Jie asked, “What does everyone think?”

Qi Nan Shan answered, “Elder, I don’t think he was speaking nonsense…… The things he showed us are all priceless treasures where we come from, and especially that Fu Door…… That was my first time seeing such a wondrous Fu, and to think, it can allow passage to the Mysterious Lands at will! That’s right, Elder, can you copy its creation?”

Luo Jie put the Fu Door Spirit Fu into his Innate Fu Book, he didn’t need to take it out to study it, in fact, he could study it in more detail like this than if he had held it in his hand. After a moment, he shook his head saying, “I have no idea how it was created, it’s different to what we’re used to, the technique used to make this are beyond our scope.”

Qi Nan Shan said, “I felt an aura of power around him, if I was to fight him, I don’t think that I could win at all.”

12th said, “Grandpa Nan Shan, are you saying he is also a Fu Warrior? There weren’t any Fu Patterns on his body though.”

Qi Nan Shan shook his head and said, “Yeah…… Although, if a Great Fu Master were to advance, the Fu Patterns on his body can be hidden inside the body, I’m not sure if he is truly superior to me, but it is clear that he has a different system of governing FuZhou, and that system is no doubt superior to ours.”

Luo Jie also nodded saying, “Yes, I could tell from our conversation, he is indeed stronger than us. I think, where he came from, whatever system they use, he is also a Master of that system. Only, we don’t know what system that is, he wouldn’t tell us.”

12th suddenly spoke up, saying, “Master, Brother Li said he was 600 years old, do you think it’s possible?”

Luo Jie thought about it for a long time silently, finally saying, “At the start I had doubts, but…… it doesn’t seem like he was speaking nonsense, it’s a shame, he imparted a lot of wisdom to us but we didn’t tell him very much. Both he and I had our misgivings, but thankfully he wasn’t spiteful of that. Had he engaged us in anger, I don’t think I could take him in a fight.”

He laughed bitterly and continued, “This is purely speculation but had we fought I think he would’ve been able to predict my every move…… He would be a very commendable enemy.”

Qi Nan Shan nodded, “I also had that feeling, it makes people afraid to pick a fight with him. Almost as if, as soon as the fight starts, he would definitely be victorious. It’s hard to imagine what it’s like where he came from.”

Luo Jie shook his head saying, “We wouldn’t be able to go. Maybe 12th would have the opportunity, but we can’t.”

“Since the owner of this house already left, we might as well go too.” 12th said.

Luo Jie stood up and said, “12th is right, we should leave and meet up with the others at the oasis. Haha, we sure got a lot of stuff today, Li Ran might be mysterious but he doesn’t have malintentions. We were lucky to have met such a powerful man.”

Qi Nan Shan agreed, “Haha, my whole life, this is first time I’ve met such a mysterious person as powerful as that.”

12th asked whilst walking to the door, “Grandpa Nan Shan, you’ve been to a lot of Mysterious Lands, how were they compared to this one?”

Qi Nan Shan shook his head saying, “The Mysterious Lands are all different, there’s no way to compare them. Had we not met Li Ran, there would still be a lot of things that we don’t understand.”

Luo Jie had been to more Mysterious Lands than Qi Nan Shan and he agreed saying, “Yeah, it’s also the first time that I’ve met such a mysterious and powerful man, and to think, I thought that I had already reached the most powerful level possible…… Looking at it now, I still have a long way to go…… It seems I didn’t know as much as I thought.”

After everyone exited the thatch hut, Luo Jie made sure the door was closed himself.

Returning to the oasis, everyone had already set up the tents and fallen asleep. 12th also returned to his tent, which was assembled by Huo Bao and his other companions. After entering the tent, the first thing he did was exhale his Innate Fu Orb to take a closer look at it.

True Life Fu, True Spirit Fu, Innate Fu, three different names for the same thing, and that was what made up the Innate Fu Core. To any Zhou Master, Fu Master and FuZhou Master, this Fu was the single most important Fu. The more powerful the Innate Fu, the easier it was to create a powerful Innate Fu Book.

12th understood this, it was just like the foundations of a house, so if the foundation was built for a bungalow, then only a bungalow could be built on it and at the very most a two storey house. However if seven or eight storeys were built on top of it then the problem of an unstable foundation would arise, meaning the building would eventually collapse. However, if at the very start the foundations were modelled for such a tall building, it wouldn’t matter how many floors are built on top, there wouldn’t be any problem. This True Spirit Fu was just like 12th laying down a sturdy foundation.

This True Spirit Fu was only the size of a thumb, bright green and pulsating, there were innumerous amounts of Fu fading in and out of visibility, almost like fish, one moment at the surface and the next deep below the water. What was more interesting was that this True Spirit Fu was very compatible with his own spirit, it was almost like a part of his spirit. After staring at it for a while, 12th contently inhaled it back.

He then proceeded to take out his Fu Door’s Spirit Fu. It was a Spirit Fu triangular in shape with lots of ancient inscriptions of Fu. 12th recognised a few, but he honestly hasn’t seen the majority of them, which were also green in colour. He placed the Fu on his forehead, and using the simplest method, he inspected this Fu.

Once his spirit had made contact with the Spirit Fu, he felt a surge of power suddenly absorbing the Fu Door’s Spirit Fu and shortly afterwards, within his spirit, he noticed a small bead next to the True Spirit Fu. 12th was stunned, the connotations of this were huge, it meant that he had already started building up his Innate Fu Orb. Because he’d already seen the form of an Innate Fu Orb, he knew that this bead circling the Innate Fu Core was an important component of the Innate Fu Orb.

At the same time, when the Fu Door’s Spirit Fu was absorbed, he suddenly just understood the Fu Door. He knew how to operate it like it was second nature; it’s as if he could even use it telepathically. He hurriedly took out the two Treasure Fu that he owned, and likewise tried to absorb them into his spirit, however there was no effect. He was quite confused, could it be that Treasure Fu couldn’t be absorbed into his Innate Fu?

After a long while he finally understood. It was because the Innate Fu was so powerful that these low leveled Treasure Fu practically have no way of entering the Innate Fu. Even though this was the case, he was very content.

After performing a simple nine part routine three times, 12th sat down on the soft beast skin and started his daily chanting. The memories from his first life had long since faded and the only thing he could remember was this scripture. This was also the only thing that in all his three lives he had never stopped or doubted doing.

This time round, whilst chanting, 12th noticed an obvious change. As soon as he started chanting he noticed the Innate Fu in his spirit start to to spin rapidly. Each time when he finished reciting the scripture, his spirit calmed down again. The Innate Fu had completely been assimilated into his spirit so he felt better than he had ever felt before.

This part of the scripture was the part that made him very happy, since it even worked on his Innate Fu, and the Innate Fu also had a strengthening effect on his spirit. Even if it were not obvious now, with time, the effects would start becoming more and more noticeable.

Meeting with Li Ran gave 12th a new road to follow, he didn’t know where this road would lead, but it was obvious that following this road, he could only improve.

The next morning, 12th came to the oasis to wash, he saw his Master and Qi Nan Shan discussing something. Curious, he walked over and asked, “Master where are we going today?”

Qi Nan Shan smiled and said, “Your Master is deeply worried right now.”

So 12th curiously asked, “Master, what are you worried about?”


Instant Kill Volume 4 Chapter 1 (Part 1)

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– Qwaztop

Translated by TheFireTrucker

Edited by Qwaztop

Chapter 1: The Innate Fu Orb

Li Ran explained, “This is an Ancient Fu of Teleportation, so even though it’s here, it is still very precious because it is a type of Auxiliary-type Ancient Fu that is rarely seen, as such it’s far more precious than Attack-type Ancient Fu.”


Luo Jie was very wise, but not even he had seen this type of Ancient Fu before, since it allowed teleportation, if you were surrounded in battle, you could easily teleport away to safety. To a FuZhou Warrior, this was a priceless artefact. As such he let out a hearty laugh and said, “12th, your luck is amazing!”

12th smiled bitterly and said, “Luck’s not as good as athlete’s foot……” He sighed and continued, “Master, you got a pretty good Ancient Fu, but your disciple is still striving for one.”

Li Ran smiled as he put away all of the Ancient Fu that were on the marble table. He said, “Luck isn’t as good as athlete’s foot? Haha, then why didn’t you use your feet to choose? Haha……”

12th mumbled, “I scratched my feet before hand……”

Li Ran choked at that, coughing, he said, “You little kid…… Heh, you got quite the audacity haven’t you?”

(T/N: Now that the entire joke has finished, lemme explain cuz you are probably confused af. The characters 手气 and 脚气 mean ‘Luck’ and ‘Athlete’s Foot’ respectively. The joke here is that individually the characters would literally mean ‘Hand Air’ and ‘Foot Air’ so 12th made a joke with play on words, or at least the mandarin equivalent of play on words. The joke later about him scratching his feet is him saying “well I scratched my feet (with athlete’s foot) beforehand which is why luck isn’t as good as athlete’s foot. Now obviously he doesn’t actually have athlete’s foot, he was just simply extending the joke. Or maybe he does have it, I don’t know. This world is crazy :D)

12th remembered, “Oh yeah, what’s the Fu Door like?”

Li Ran said, “That’s right, I almost forgot…… These are two Spirit Fu of Fu Doors, each Fu can take up to four people into the Mysterious Lands, and this is a book on how to use the Fu Door, it’s quite easy to learn.”

“Oh, and before I forget, each Fu Door can record up to four Mysterious Lands. Only four though and if you try to record a fifth one, it will delete the first one. So choose carefully.”

12th snatched up one of the Fu Door’s Spirit Fu and also the book. It was quite a thin book; there only seemed to be about twenty or so pages and the words were also quite big. It only took 12th 10 minutes to finish. Indeed it was quite easy, the ability to use FuZhou powers was the only requirement for using it.

Luo Jie learnt quickly. He only flicked through the book briefly and instantly understood how the Fu Door worked. He immediately absorbed the Fu Door’s Spirit Fu into his Innate Fu Book. This time the exploration of the Mysterious Lands yielded rewards beyond what was expected, and as such he was very content.

Xiao Feng returned and following behind him was Chen Hong and not only was she carrying the Hidden Fu Bag with the tools, but also the Hidden Fu Bag holding food, and in it was also the meat from the Fu Bear, along the Earth Dragon’s various internal organs and flesh.

“Brother Li, Master, Grandpa Nan Shan, you guys wait while Igo prepare the food.” 12th said as he ran out. In his past life he frequently drove past a small shop, and had also learnt how to cook, although not as good as a professional chef, he still knew quite a few ways to cook food.

Li Ran called out, “Oi, kid! Wash your hands first! Don’t go scratching your foot again!”

12th tripped and stumbling, he ran out as he murmured, “Had I really scratched my feet, I might have chosen an even better Ancient Fu!”

To obtain a good Innate Fu from Li Ran, he decided to make his specialty. It was no wonder that 12th was nervous, he didn’t know what type of person Li Ran is, he also didn’t know how strong Li Ran really was. Seeing him reveal so many Ancient Fu indicated that he would not be easy to please, if he didn’t do his best now, it’ll be too late to regret it later.

Luo Jie cautiously asked, “Li Ran…… What do you do?”

Li Ran spoke loudly, “What do I do? Well, I’m a retired…… businessman, I don’t really do much at all anymore.” After he finished, he smiled baring his teeth. Luo Jie and Qi Nan Shan both stared at him, not knowing what to say, this answer was so obviously fake but they couldn’t refute it.

The two of them could see Li Ran’s confidence so even though his words were carefree and calm, and without any malice or insult, it was instead quite inspiring. The two of them were old and wise, but they still couldn’t believe how confident he was.

Li Ran was too mysterious, not only did he make Luo Jie and Qi Nan Shan uneasy and slightly fearful, it made it hard to communicate as they were unsure how to word their sentences. Li Ran noticed that the two of them were unnerved, but he still didn’t give any sort of explanation, only chatting about anything and everything. This made them two feel rather out of place, as they hadn’t even heard of a lot of the things before.

After about half an hour, a delicious smell wafted in, Li Ran sniffed a little and said, “Huh, this smell…… it…… it’s sweet and sour pork ribs?! And what is this smell?” He couldn’t help but stand up and walked to the doorway to have a look.

Luo Jie also sniffed the air and asked, “When did 12th learn to cook Fu Food?”

Qi Nan Shan shook his head and replied, “I don’t know either, but this smells good…… so good that it’s actually making me rather hungry!” Being a Great Fu Master meant that he barely needed to eat, and yet this smell made him feel hungry.

“Brother Li, wait inside, it’s almost done.”

Li Ran smiled and returned to his seat, saying, “Your disciple…… has a good chance of winning that Innate Fu, haha.”

Chen Hong brought in a large bronze bowl,“12th said these are Sweet ‘n’ Sour Ribs!”

Li Ran waved over at a large table and said, “Put it here!”

It was a giant bowl filled to the brim with ribs, although these ribs were somewhat large, each one was like the size of a club. Li Ran immediately grabbed one and started gnawing at it, gleefully saying, “Not bad, this taste is great! Good! Good!”

The next dish was Stir Fried Stomach. The stomach was the Fu Bear’s and it was stir fried with garlic for a very aromatic dish.

A few more dishes followed, enough for a feast. The last dish was Braised Bear Paw and though it looked quite simple,the ingredients used were hard to get. Chen Hong sneaked some into her mouth while 12th was cooking. She had never had such delicious food before, as such she felt a lot of admiration towards 12th.

After they finished, 12th watched Li Ran expectantly.

Li Ran couldn’t help but laugh, saying, “Why are you staring at me? It’s not like I’m a supermodel!”

12th furrowed his brows, and thought, That’s too cruel, no way can this guy scam me out of this! So he asked, “How was it?”

Li Ran nodded and said honestly, “It was good, the others were mediocre, but those Sweet ‘n’ Sour Ribs was delicious!”

12th said, “So what about my Innate Fu……?”

“About what Innate Fu?”


Li Ran laughed aloud, saying, “Alright alright, I’m just teasing you, here……” He lifted his hand and placed it on 12th’s forehead, saying, “Don’t move!” as a green light emanated from his hand into 12th’s head. He said, “Count yourself lucky that I just so happen to have a True Spirit Fu on me, haha, it’s one of the best Innate Fu Books in existence.

“A True Sprit Fu?”

Now Luo Jie pretty much understood Li Ran’s categories for Fu. The weakest were Treasure Fu, Spirit Fu were mediocre and Ancient Fu were pretty high level, however, True Treasure Fu were truly superior. As for True Spirit Fu, since Li Ran had one, it too must be a very powerful and valuable Fu.

Li Ran explained, “This True Spirit Fu isn’t very useful for me for it’s not an Attack-type Fu nor is it a standard Auxiliary-type Fu, it is in fact a Fu used for crafting Innate Fu Books, and as such it is called a True Innate Fu because it can create an Innate Fu Orb, haha, it’s a little different to your Innate Fu Books.”

Luo Jie exclaimed, “Innate Fu Orb? This is the first time I’ve heard of such a form of Innate Fu.”

Li Ran nodded, explaining, “Innate Fu Orbs are the forms of superior Innate Fu, it’s better than the Innate Fu Books and uses Fu from it is faster. It’s a special form of Innate Fu where I come from, it’s like this……” and he held out a finger and tapped the air.

A clear image appeared in front of them all.

It started with a bead of light, and then rapidly expanded to a sphere the size of a basketball. It consisted of countless small Fu. The sphere span rapidly and a Fu floated out,  quickly enlarged, and then retracted back into the orb as another one came out and likewise returned into the orb. It really was quite beautiful to watch.

Li Ran brought his finger down and the orb disappeared.

Luo Jie saw the beauty of it, saying, “Amazing form.” He sighed and said, “Why can’t we think of Innate Fu like this?”

12th was beyond happy, he understood better than even Luo Jie about the usefulness of this form. Luo Jie’s Innate Fu Book was two dimensional, whereas the Innate Fu Orb was three dimensional, these were two completely different concepts. It meant that the Innate Fu from where Li Ran came from were far superior to the ones at the North Fu Sect, and their understanding of it was probably better too.

Li Ran said, “Little guy, I’ve already put the True Spirit Fu into your body so you’ll have to search for an Innate Fu yourself, haha, it might take you ten years…… by that time you should be able to advance, though, it might take even longer than that…… Well whenever you find one, you’ll be able to advance, with this True Spirit Fu, as long as you have enough FuZhou power, you’ll be able to advance. Are you content, boy?”

12th thought this was too good to be true, he said, “One meal…… can get me a True Spirit Fu. Hey Brother Li, heh, are you by chance in need of a chef?”

Li Ran smiled and said, “You’re kidding right?”

12th immediately said in all honesty, “Brother Li, tell me what else you want me to do, there’s just one condition, it has to be something that I can manage, or else even if I agreed it would be pointless.”

Li Ran said, “You really are quite a smart little kid!”

Luo Jie said, “Mister Li, thank you for your generosity.” This was genuine gratitude, he sounded very sincere.

Li Ran shook his head saying, “No need to thank me, this is an exchange between me and your disciple. 12th, bring the Fu Door over.”

12th brought out his Fu Door and handed it over. He only saw Li Ran brush his finger over the face of the Fu. Li Ran then returned it to 12th saying, “12th, I’ve recorded a location on your Fu Door, when you….. Yes, when you advance to Great FuZhou Master…… that should be right,  it’s the level your Master is at, I hope that you can go to this place at some point in time for I’ll need your help.”

12th knew that there were going to be strings attached to this seemingly free True Spirit Fu, if one meal could really trade for a Fu as precious as this, then this world would be crazy beyond belief. He answered, “No problem, Brother Li. So how do I find an Innate Fu?”

Li Ran smiled, “You must search yourself, I can’t help you. You have natural talent meaning it should only take you ten years to advance, by that time your Innate Fu will naturally appear…… Oh, and also, ten years is enough time for this True Spirit Fu to completely assimilate into your body.”

12th lowered his head without saying anything, as he closed his eyes and had a look deep inside his soul, he was both surprised and happy to find a light floating within his soul. Could this be the True Spirit Fu? How would it manifest itself?

(T/N: The author wrote here: “The next part will leave you speechless.” )


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Instant Kill Volume 3 Chapter 10


For those who don’t know, Fu are actually Runes, and Zhou can either be “Curse” or “Incantation”, I’ve not seen much of Zhou so I don’t know which. The translation for the character for Fu is “Rune”. I imagine them as a pattern that sort of rises and lifts out of a page, and does its shenanigans, either that or it rises out of a Fu Book on a piece of paper about the size of a playing card, or a tarot card. Like Good Wife, I kept it as Fu for flavour reasons and to make this web novel feel more unique than it already is.

Also I’d like to retcon a translation I made last chapter, “Oasis” makes more sense than a “Pond”.

T/N: In China, the family name comes first. So if I were to translate all of the names to english form it would actually be “Ran Li”, “Jie Luo”, “Zhan Luo”, “Nan Shan Qi” etc. However I feel like keeping it as it is, partly for continuity reasons as that’s how Good Wife did it but also because calling them by their transliteral names sounds better than calling them by their full names in english-form every single time. Also for “Li Ran” and any other ‘R’ sound in chinese, it’s pronounced like the French “J” sound. In english it’s like the “J” sound but softer and less enunciated, sort of like a cross between “J” and “R”.  “Zh” sound is basically the “J” sound in english, and the “uo” vowel sound is like “wor” sound, for example “Luo” would be “Lwor”. (Pronounce that as you would any other word with a ‘W’ in the middle, as in not enunciating the actual ‘W’ consonant sound as much, kinda like “swore”. Incidentally “Luo” rhymes with “Swore” so just replace the ‘S’ with an ‘L’ and you’re there.

– TheFireTrucker

Translated by TheFireTrucker
Edited by Qwaztop

Chapter 10: Li Ran

Qi Nan Shan thought about it for a while and said, “I don’t see anything wrong with it, although, perhaps it’s best to send a scout ahead while we follow slowly from behind. Even if there’s a problem, as long as it’s not another Variant Fu Beast like that Earth Dragon, it’ll be fine.”

Luo Jie nodded and said, “Men get more cautious as they get older, haha, let’s go.”

Qi Nan Shan said, “Xiao Feng, take a couple of Fu Warriors over…… If there’s danger retreat immediately. Don’t be reckless!”

And so he led two Fu Warriors and hurried over to the oasis.

12th supported Luo Jie by the arm while smiling the entire journey, for his Master was enjoying his disciple’s help. He said, “12th, there shouldn’t be much excitement and action for a while so you should catch up on your studies, don’t neglect them.”

12th said, “Don’t worry Master, I know.”

Luo Jie knew full well that this disciple of his would work extremely hard, as soon as he would stop to rest he’d grab a book and start reading, so Luo Jie smiled and said, “Once you become a FuZhou Master you’ll be able to protect yourself. For now just keep working at it. I’ll make you some Treasure Fu later to help raise your power.”

“Master, we should find a way to get some warhorses because walking is incredibly slow, and should we be met with any danger, fleeing would be difficult.”

Luo Jie nodded and said, “12th, we ought to cross this mountain path first, there won’t be any warhorses around here.”

Xiao Feng’s company returned swiftly and reported, “Elder, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of danger, the oasis is safe!”

Qi Nan Shan said, “Everyone hurry up! We should reach the oasis by tonight to eat, drink and rest.” Everybody cheered and made their way towards the oasis faster.

The oasis wasn’t big, it was surrounded by woods with a stream flowing through it. Since it was a stream the water would be clear and fresh. Qi Nan Shan arrived first and with cupped hands he took a drink, then saying, “This water is good. It’s drinkable.” He raised his head and shouted, “Do not wash yourself in this water! First refill our water supply, only then can you go wash!”

Chen Hong was already at the banks and almost jumped in. She couldn’t help but feel embarrassed as she hurriedly took out her waterskin to fill.

Everyone at the very least carried two waterskins on them, and most of them could hold up to one cubic metre worth of water. 12th sighed in appreciation of the power and utility of the Hidden Fu, because a waterskin made with a Hidden Fu can hold a lot of water. When used sparingly, it could last two months without issue, it’s very convenient.

Everyone lined up and crouched on the banks and lowered their waterskins into the water. After a moment the water level of the entire oasis lowered by at least an inch.

Chen Hong’s hand suddenly shook. 12th, being next to her, asked, “What’s wrong?” Chen Hong pointed to a nearby patch of reeds and said, “Is…… Is that a small path?”

Qi Nan Shan was standing fairly close, and in surprise, leapt over and went towards the patch of reeds. He inspected it for a moment and said, “You’re right, this is a small path and there are even human footprints. This is not a path created by wild beasts!”

Luo Jie also hurried over. 12th wondered to himself curiously, “How can there be people around here?” so he followed over as well. Soon most of the travelling group had gathered around the small path.

12th announced, “There’s only one person!”

“Not bad,” agreed Luo Jie, “there is only one person. Let’s follow this path and see where it leads to see what kind of person lives around here. Everyone be on alert, but not so much that you’ll offend anyone, for to be able to live in the Mysterious Lands for so long is not an easy task. I don’t want any unnecessary trouble.”

Qi Nan Shan said, “Elder and I will go. You stay here and wait. Luo Zhan you’re in charge while we’re gone. Xiao Feng, take a Fu Warrior and follow us.”

12th raised his hand and bursted out, “I want to go too!” His curiosity was strong, and it’ll be safe with his Master.

Luo Jie said, “Alright, 12th you can come too.” 12th hurriedly ran to his side. Being favoured was a nice feeling and despite it being his third incarnation, he still enjoyed this feeling.

The small path led them to the woods and passing through them they came across a cliff. They continued along the cliff and not long thereafter they saw a large crack in the cliff; the small path vanished into the crack. Xia Feng quickly entered the crack, and moments later, he came out and waved everyone in, saying, “There’s no danger, come inside!”

They entered the cliff from that crack and not far inside was a valley. After a few steps Luo Jie stopped and asked, “Is that a house?”

12th saw a roof made from thatch. He said, “That’s a thatched house!”

Soon everyone could clearly see the thatched house and there was even bamboo fencing with some chickens clucking around inside, eating.

Qi Nan Shan stood outside the fence and asked, “Anybody home?”

A voice came from the thatched house which said, “Come in, who are you people?” and a man walked out of the thatched house.

He was a very handsome young man, although he seemed a little frail, and the contours on his face are rather soft, his eyes showed wisdom and calm. Those eyes were nothing like that of a young person, there wasn’t passion or enthusiasm, but instead there was wisdom and knowledge. He wore a grey toga, with a rope around his waist.

Luo Jie said, “Pardon our intrusion, we were just passing by. Haha, meeting people is fated so we thought it best to come and greet you.”

The man smiled and said, “Come inside and have some tea.”

12th became startled because in the entire North Fu Sect, there was not a single person who drank tea, there wasn’t even a single person who mentioned tea and yet, in the Mysterious Lands, a young man invited everyone in for a cup of tea. This made 12th quite excited. How did this person know about tea?

Luo Jie bowed, saying, “Thank you.” and so everyone followed that young man into the thatched house. Once inside it was different from everyone’s expectations. From the outside the thatched house was plain, simple and a little boring, however inside…… The inside was a very open space that had floors made of white marble, walls pale as snow, and there was a rug made from some skin that was underneath a marble table.

The man smiled and invited everyone to sit. He said, “Let me introduce myself. I’m called Li Ran.”

Likewise Luo Jie introduced everybody. Li Ran was obviously quite interested in 12th and asked, “How old are you 12th?”

Li Ran fluidly brushed over the marble table and a tea set appeared. Tt was the same kind as the tea set that 12th has seen in his past life, one pot and six cups. Luo Jie has never seen a tea set before and asked, “What is this? It’s exquisite!”

12th answered, “This is a tea set, it’s used for drinking tea.”

Surprised, Li Ran asked, “You know about tea sets?” He took out a block of tea leaves, and asked, “Do you know what tea this is?”

12th took it and sniffed,replying, “This should be fermented tea leaves – is it Black Tea?”

Li Ran became even more curious, “Correct, this is Black Tea. This is relaxing Black Tea, haha, who’d have thought I’d meet a tea friend. Since you know what tea this is do you know how to prepare it?”

In his past life 12th was a regular at a tea house, although not proficient, he knew the basics. He took out a block of tea leaves and rinsed it with boiled water. Washing tea like this is to get rid of any impurities and bitterness, and then he placed it in the pot with boiled water. After soaking for a few minutes he poured the tea into the cups, smiled, and said, “Alright, haha, this is the way that I prepare tea.”

Li Ran smiled, “Not bad, alright let’s drink.” He lifted a cup and signalled the others to do so as well.

In his past life 12th was addicted to tea so, without modesty, he took his cup and downed it in one go. Wiping his mouth he said, “Wow this tea is pretty good. It’s got the scent of an orchid…… the taste is pretty good too, mellow and sweet, the colour is a vivid red, amazing……”

Li Ran was stunned. Only old tea experts could describe tea like that. Luo Jie and everybody else took a sip and had a strange look on their faces. It was obvious that they had never encountered tea before whereas 12th’s face was filled with genuine glee, it couldn’t be faked, it was an expression from the heart.

12th asked, “Brother Li, have you got other teas?”

Smiling, Li Ran said, “Brother Li? Haha, I’ve lived almost 600 years and a nine year old boy called me brother, how amusing…… oh well, why not. Alright little brother, it’s a good thing you’re a tea friend.”

Luo Jie was stunned for a second, 600 years! That’s incredible.

Disbelieving, 12th said, “Alright Brother Li, stop joking, you look far younger than my Master how could you be 600 years old……”

However, Luo Jie and Qi Nan Shan believed him for the two of them knew that in the Mysterious Lands there lived a man of legend. He rarely appeared before other people, and even if he did, nobody would know. This man was said man of legend who lived in in seclusion in the Mysterious Lands!

Luo Jie said, “Don’t be rude 12th.”

Li Ran waved it off, “Not a problem, this little guy is very interesting. I have quite a lot of tea. Think you can name them all?” by just touching the table three silver jars appeared. Tea is best stored in silver or tin jars, however it’s actually best to store it in gold jars, but gold is too expensive.

12th took a silver jar and after opening he noticed that the inside was lined with gold. He took a sniff, and excited said, “Haha, Oolong tea? This is Oolong…… Wait, no, that’s not right. Hmmm. I can’t say for sure…… but is this Oolong Tea?”

Li Ran stared at 12th, saying, “Oh you know Oolong tea? Haha, this is beyond expectation…… You don’t need to look at the others, I know you’ll be able to recognise them too.”

12th thought with some doubt, “Could this man be from the past eras, from his original home?” He didn’t dare ask, nor did he want to. Li Ran didn’t say any more either, only thoughtfully watching him, his interest towards 12th obviously showing.

Luo Jie didn’t care for why 12th knew so much about tea, he said, “Li……” In the moment, he forgot that the man’s name was Li Ran.

Li Ran replied, “Call me Li Ran.”

Luo Jie laughed a little and asked, “Li Ran, a question…… what kind of place can we expect when we cross over this mountain?”

Li Ran smiled, “You came from the Valley of Death? Your luck is pretty good.”

(T/N: I didn’t want to use the same name as a real location irl, but that’s the best translation for it. Don’t imagine as just a desert that’s really hot though, it is literally a place where if you go there you’ll most likely die.)

Surprised, Luo Jie said, “That was the Valley of Death? Then…… what was that sandstorm?” He was always suspicious of that sandstorm, what with its mysterious nature and unbelievable destructive power.

“Sandstorm? Oh…… that. That wasn’t a sandstorm it was a gale filled with death energy. One touch and you die. You guys were lucky not to have encountered it, but, if you had……”

“Gale of death energy?”

Li Ran explained, “It’s called a Death Storm, no living creature can survive inside it, the death energy laced in the tempestuous winds can rapidly annihilate all life.”

12th said, “We did encounter it, haha, we ran fast though and got away unharmed.”

“You guys were lucky.”

“What’s on the other side of the mountain?” asked Luo Jie.

Li Ran replied, “The other side…… haha.” He looked over everyone and said, “With your skills you could probably make it, but be very careful it’s quite the mess over there because lots of powerful people went there to hunt. Going there…… is a little dangerous.”

Luo Jie furrowed his brow and asked, “Hunters? Who are they?”

Li Ran answered, “They aren’t from around here, they came from a different place. You guys are also people who use FuZhou right? It’s a shame really……”

12th confused, asked, “Brother Li, what’s a shame?”

Li Ran smiled slightly, and said, “Nothing…… You’ll find out in the future. Right now you’re too young, even your Master…… isn’t strong enough.”

12th didn’t believe him. Luo Jie was a Great FuZhou Master, they were the most powerful people alive and yet Li Ran said that he isn’t strong enough. If that was the case then how strong would strong enough be?

Luo Jie and Qi Nan Shan didn’t seem offended, in fact, the two of them seemed to accept his wisdom knowing that Li Ran wouldn’t spout nonsense. If he really was 600 years old then he must be incredibly powerful.

12th wondered, “Another place? What other place?”

Li Ran couldn’t help but smile, he noticed that this little guy was really smart, so he asked, “Can’t figure it out?”

12th nodded and truthfully said, “No, I don’t know.”

Li Ran, still smiling, took the teapot and placed it in the middle of the marble table and said, “Imagine, that this is a mountain……” He then took two teacups, placed them on either side of the teapot, and said, “This cup represents the place where you live, and this mountain is the Mysterious Lands. You guys came from this cup to the teapot, however the other cup…… The people from there can get to the teapot too. Do you understand?”

12th, struck with sudden realisation, asked, “This place is public?”

Li Ran smiled and said, “Haha, not bad, this place is indeed a public area for anyone can get in.”

12th quickly realised an important problem so he asked, “We came here…… because we accidentally found an entrance to the Mysterious Lands. Are the other like us too?”

Luo Jie suddenly realised it too. This question hit the nail on the head.

Li Ran replied, “They can come and go as they please.”

12th asked, “Brother Li, can you do that too?”

Li Ran laughed, “Of course you’d be the one to ask, little boy! Not only can I leave, I can also……” He took the other four cups, placed them beside the teapot, and said, “…… I can also freely enter each of the…… cups, as long as I know it’s there. Do you understand?”

12th realised the meaning behind what Li Ran was saying. The Mysterious Lands crossed multiple worlds, so he asked, “How is this possible?”

Li Ran smiled and replied, “Why can’t it be possible?”

12th scratched his head and said, “This world is so fucking crazy.”

(T/L: I’m sure many of you would like to know that “fucking” when used as an adjective, translated to mandarin and back, will mean “His mother”, or “Of his mother”. (Only in adjective form)

Luo Jie and Qi Nan Shan shared a glance and but couldn’t help but smile bitterly. They understood too, and they were likewise astonished. Had they not met with Li Ran they might never have found out about this secret.

Qi Nan Shan asked, “Mister Li, if you don’t mind my asking…… How did you get into the Mysterious Lands? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, I don’t mean to pry.”

Li Ran found this quite funny, he replied, “It’s not like this is some sort of secret, it’s quite easy to come and go from the Mysterious Lands, and that’s just by using a small Fu Door. Strange…… Surely you know about Fu Doors?”

Luo Jie’s face flushed red as he said, “Honestly, we don’t know what Fu Doors are. I’ve been to many Mysterious Lands but this is the first I’ve heard of a Fu Door……”

Li Ran explained, “There are many types of Mysterious Lands: stationary ones, others moving, some that appear out of nowhere…… it’s beyond count. However there is one type that is rarely seen, and that is the Enchanted Mysterious Lands, haha, lucky for you because you’re currently inside the Enchanted Mysterious Lands. This place can grant thoroughfare to many places and if you had a Fu Door, you could reach many more places.”

Everyone realised the connotations of this information so everyone was eager to find one of these Fu Doors.

12th couldn’t hold back his frustration anymore, so he asked, “Brother Li, where can we get a Fu Door or how could we create one?”

Li Ran smiled, “Fu Doors aren’t worth much money, although for you guys it’s probably worth a lot, haha. In fact I have quite a few Fu Doors here, however I can’t give them to you.”

Luo Jie and Qi Nan Shan shared a bitter laugh.

12th on the other hand became excited, asking, “Oh you can’t give us one? Does that mean you’re willing to sell?”

Li Ran nodded, smiled and said, “Correct. I am willing to sell, but not for any currency. If you can give me something tempting then I’ll give you a Fu Door in exchange for it.”

12th thought about what he carried on his person and couldn’t help but feel a little discouraged. He knew that he didn’t own anything of value, so thinking it over for a moment, he asked, “Brother Li, what do you need?”

Li Ran laughed and answered, “Materials from a Variant Fu Beast of fifth level or higher, Spirit Fu, or Ancient Fu…… I don’t think you guys would have any True Treasure Fu, and as for True Spirit Fu…… Well that’s even less likely.”

12th got excited as he brought out a few of the Earth Dragon’s bones he was carrying, and asked, “What level of Variant Fu Beast is this bone from?”

Surprised, Li Ran exclaimed, “What’s this? You guys actually hunted a seventh level Variant Fu Beast? This is a deal!”

12th hurriedly added, “We didn’t hunt this. We looted this so we don’t have much.”

Luo Jie and Qi Nan Shan quietly let out a breath, afraid that he’d reveal the fact that they dismembered an entire Earth Dragon. Good thing that 12th was cunning.In the Valley of Death the ground was covered in bones, so to be able to find a few bones from a seventh level Variant Fu Beast is normal.

12th brought out a small pile of bones, some large, some small. The large ones were the size of a face, the small ones were about the size of a food plate. these had all been somewhat sorted through beforehand.

Li Ran sighed, “To find these lying around…… I sure admire your luck, haha. A seventh level Variant Fu Beast, even I would need help to kill one, the real issue here is actually finding such a high level Fu Beast…… Alright, it’s a deal, I’ll make the exchange! For all of these Fu Bones I can give you four Fu Doors, haha of course if you don’t need that many Fu Doors you can also choose something else. I’ve also got Spirit Fu and Ancient Fu.”

12th said, “I only need one, Master you choose the rest.”

Luo Jie was a little uncomfortable for in his Hidden Fu Bag were mass amounts of materials from the Earth Dragon, but he was afraid to reveal it. Good thing his little disciple was smart, not making Li Ran suspicious, for now all he could do was use what 12th already brought out for the exchange. He said, “I also only need one. We can trade the rest for Ancient Fu.”

Li Ran smiled, “For the remaining bones you can either trade for two Spirit Fu or only one Ancient Fu. Are you sure that’s what you want?”

Ancient Fu outclassed Spirit Fu by a lot, even if it was a Great FuZhou Master using the Ancient Fu, it still took a lot of energy. Ancient Fu is a type of FuZhou that has immense power, and in the North Fu Sect Ancient Fu are regarded as the most powerful, and valuable, Fu.

Luo Jie nodded, “Yes, the rest of the bones in exchange for an Ancient Fu.”

Li Ran put away the Spirit Fu. Touching the marble table with his hand caused a row of Ancient Fu to appear. Luo Jie stared with his eyes wide in shock; it was amazing. In the North Fu Sect no matter who got an Ancient Fu, they all hid it securely, afraid that somebody might find out. And yet, Li Ran took out a whole row of Ancient Fu. As he said, “Take your pick, haha, however I won’t say what Ancient Fu you pick till after the exchange is done, then I’ll tell you how to use it.”

12th piteously looked at Li Ran with a sigh, saying, “I don’t even have an Innate Fu, Brother Li, do you have a good Innate Fu lying around?”

Li Ran smiled, “Of course! What will you offer in exchange?”

Where could 12th find anything to trade for it? He thought for a while and said, “Brother Li, what if…… I made you a meal? If you like it you can give me the Innate Fu, if you don’t well then nevermind!”

Li Ran asked, “Is it Fu Food?”

(E/D: I wonder if it’s like normal food but with glowing symbols on it?)

(T/L: Sure why not. kek)

“Well it’s not exactly Fu Food…… I can’t really explain what it is, but you’ll know once you eat it, so wanna try? It’s really tasty!” he replied, trying to tempt him.

Li Ran nonchalantly replied, “Sure, why not. Although if I don’t like it, you’ll have wasted this opportunity.”

12th was ecstatic, to have this opportunity is better than not. He immediately asked Xiao Feng, “Uncle Feng, could you go get a Hidden Fu Bag from Chen Hong for me please? Tell her it’s the one with the culinary set.”

Qi Nan Shan said, “Xiao Feng, while you’re at it tell everyone we’re safe here, and that they should rest at the oasis.”

Agreeing, Xiao Feng turned and left.

Luo Jie’s face was filled with a bitter smile as he looked at the row of Ancient Fu on the marble table. This is a difficult choice, each Ancient Fu is vastly different, who know what type of Ancient Fu these are. He counted a total of eight Ancient Fu. He sighed and said, “Damn, this is hard…… Can you give us a little hint?”

Li Ran silently shook his head. Luo Jie gave a long sigh, this was too stressful, he clenched his teeth and said, “12th, come help you Master choose, pick any Fu…… Master has faith in your luck.”

12th wrinkled his eyebrows, if he chose an Ancient Fu that is incompatible, Master would be sad. He said, “Master, I don’t think this has much to do with luck……”

Luo Jie said, “Nonsense! Hurry and pick one!”

12th helplessly stuck out his hand to randomly grab an Ancient Fu, but suddenly felt a strange fluctuation in his soul, as if it was laughing. He immediately shifted his hand, and in that moment he sensed a feeling of unease. This was the one. He grabbed it in his hand and said, “For better or for worse, I choose this one!”

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Li Ran couldn’t help but shake his head, saying, “Luo Jie, I do believe that 12th’s luck is better than yours. His choice was…… decent.”

Luo Jie gleefully asked, “What type of Ancient Fu is it?”

Instant Kill Volume 3 Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Refined Blood

12th collected the scales that were scattered around and put them into the Hidden Fu Bag in bundles of ten. The scales were of varying sizes, and even the position on the body they came from affected its uses. For now there was no need to categorize them carefully. He only needed to collect them and put them into the Hidden Fu Bag.

He approached Luo Jie’s side and asked, “Master, what are we going to look at?”

Luo Jie excitedly explained, “We’re going to look at the Earth Dragon’s heart, haha, it’s one of the best materials for creating an Innate Fu Book. Let’s get closer……” He didn’t care at all about getting dirty so he followed Qi Nan Shan and made his way into the Earth Dragon’s torso.

12th followed suit as well.

The Earth Dragon’s belly had a strong smell of blood but it didn’t stink. The three of them went inside the opening that was made, , some of the parts needed to be forced through and because 12th had the smallest body he had to occasionally steady his Master. Luckily the Earth Dragon’s insides were very soft so it wouldn’t hurt if they accidentally tripped.

After about twenty minutes they reached the Earth Dragon’s heart area. There were countless long, thin blood vessels feeding into the heart. Fixed in the middle of the chest was a heart as big as car from his past life.

Luo Jie wiped his face, staring at that enormous heart he said, “Good job Nan Shan, make an incision in the aorta, haha, I have a feeling that there’s still some blood left in there, we might even be able to extract some refined blood, that stuff is incredibly useful.”

Once again, using the 16 Fu Purification Technique, Luo Jie extracted 27 drops of refined blood. Even though the Earth Dragon was so big he could only extract 27 drops of refined blood, however, each of these drops were about the size of an egg, like a piece of ruby. The amazing thing was that these drops of blood were not liquid, but instead were solid.

Luo Jie held a drop of refined blood and gave it to 12th, “Eat it!” he said.

12th took the ruby-like refined blood, inspected it a little and asked, “Master……. is this edible?”

Qi Nan Shan laughed and said, “That’s good stuff! It’s a shame I’m too old so can’t absorb it properly, but you 12th, you’re lucky, if you eat this you can rapidly enhance your body, it’s the equivalent to using Light Fu to enhance your strength except you rarely find something like this anymore.”

12th swallowed it whole without hesitation. It felt like he was swallowing an entire block of ice, chilling as it slid down his throat.

After waiting a while, 12th asked, “It had no effect?”

Luo Jie laughed and said, “What did you expect? That drop of refined blood will be absorbed slowly, did you think that as soon as you ate it you would be as strong as Nan Shan?”

12th laughed bitterly, he knew that he had misunderstood, so he said, “Master, could you give me four more drops of the refined blood?”

Luo Jie asked, “Why do you want so much refined blood? Given your age and body type you can only absorb one drop, there’s no point in giving you more.”

12th laughed and said, “Master, I still have four companions, haha, I wanted to give them each one too.”

Luo Jie and Qi Nan Shan shared a glance, with Qi Nan Shan agreeing, “Huh, commendable, not forgetting one’s own friends and companions at a time like this. Come on Elder, give him the four drops.”

Luo Jie reluctantly agreed. “Unbelievable……. haha, oh well, it’s good that 12th has such a kind personality. Give it to them discreetly. Refined blood is only effective on children…… it’s a shame really, this type of refined blood is an essential ingredient in creating Spirit Fu.” he said as he gave 12th the four drops of refined blood.

12th happily thanked his Master and while carefully storing the precious refined blood, he asked, “Master, what about the heart? Are we going to cut it up and eat it?”

Luo Jie gave a hearty laugh, “Good joke, if we ate this heart, we’d probably be cussed to death by anybody who knew about it. This is an Earth Dragon’s heart, the best Natural Fu Heart, how could we do something like that? I am a Great FuZhou Master……. 12th, wait a while, I’ll quickly turn this heart into a Fu Heart, haha.”

12th muttered, “Too bad, I bet this heart tastes really good as well.”

Luo Jie pretended not to hear that and prepared a large bottle containing roughly 300 jin’s worth of Purifying Liquid. Giving it to Qi Nan Shan, he said, “Insert this into the heart.” He explained why to 12th, saying, “Using this we can wash the Earth Dragon’s heart and get rid of any waste substances! This is one of the benefits of being a FuZhou Warrior, for other people, even if they found such a precious heart they wouldn’t know what to do with it and would probably have done what you were thinking and ate it.”

As the Purifying Liquid entered the heart  large amounts of waste liquid followed the blood vessels and flowed out of the heart, the gigantic heart began to shrink; one after the other the blood vessels started to snap off. After being washed by the Purifying Liquid, the heart shrank to half its original size.

Luo Jie exhaled his Innate Fu Book. The Fu rose from the Innate Fu Book and merged with the heart.

12th watched as it happened. The heart shrank again until it was the size of a tank of water. Luo Jie let out a breath and said, “Alright 12th, the last step is to completely purify it in Fu Flames!”

The heart burst into flames. The Natural Fu Patterns that were on the heart became more visible as it was completely engulfed in flames. 12th took a few steps back, leaned on a wall of flesh nearby and carefully watched.

Mass amounts of black smoke billowed out, it was completely driven out by the Fu that Luo Jie used.

The heart started shrinking again, less than half an hour later, the once gigantic heart became the size of a fist, it looked just like a heart carved from crystal. Luo Jie reach out and held the heart and said, “Haha, and I receive a Crystal Fu Heart!” Carefully inspecting it he placed the Crystal Fu Heart on his Innate Fu Book, and immediately the Crystal Fu Heart disappeared without a trace, as it was absorbed by the Innate Fu Book. He happily said, “My Innate Fu Book……it doubled in power!”

“Congratulations Master.” 12th said, then he asked, “Master, what are the other organs of the Earth Dragon used for?”

Luo Jie answered, “They too are good materials, however,they pale in comparison to the heart for the Fu Heart is the best quality material for enhancing an  Innate Fu Book. It’s extremely rare…… One must be lucky, have the opportunity, must be skillful and must be powerful to obtain it. All those qualities, think about how hard it is to achieve that.”

Qi Nan Shan said, “Haha congratulations Elder, let’s get out of here, this time our rewards were phenomenal.”

Luo Jie smiled and said, “Not even a mountain can deny us the bounty that Fortune has  bestowed upon us.”

12th looked at Luo Jie weirdly, so Luo Jie asked him, “What’s wrong 12th?” To which he replied, “Grandpa Nan Shan…… Look at Master, am I hallucinating?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Master looks a lot younger now!”

Qi Nan Shan said, “You’re kidding! A Fu Heart from an Earth Dragon, once absorbed into his Innate Fu Book, will extend his life by at least 30 years. It would be difficult not to look younger!”

Luo Jie gave a gleeful laugh and said, “This is the luck that 12th has brought with him, heh. Ever since 12th became an apprentice of mine, things have gone……uncannily smoothly.”

12th started sweating profusely, Master had no reason to dote on him, and yet after hearing him say such things, he’s left speechless.

The three of them exited the Earth Dragon’s torso, standing there and looking at each other, they couldn’t help but let out bursts of laughter. The three of them were completely drenched in blood. Luo Jie yelled out, “Luo Zhan, Luo Zhan…… bring us some fresh water to clean ourselves, haha, this is too embarrassing……” However there wasn’t any sign of an embarrassed expression on his face. On the contrary his expressions were filled with content and joy.

Huo Bao came to 12th’s side and said, “12th, it’s time for you to train us, it’s been too long since last time.”

12th instantly developed a headache, training them wasn’t a problem, the problem was training Chen Hong…… Oh what to do? He said, “Wait a moment, call them over but let me wash first, if there’s a problem talk to them.”

Chen Hong came and filled a bucket with fresh water so 12th could wash his face. Fresh water was very hard to come by here and even though everyone brought plenty of it, the majority of the fresh water was given to the war horses. However because the war horses were now all skeletons, the remaining bit of water would be enough for everyone to use.

Leading the four companions they made their way up to the gap in the cliff. Approaching a large rock, 12th took out the Earth Dragon’s refined blood and said, “One each.”

Surprised, Chen Hong exclaimed, “Wow! What a beautiful gem!”

Chen Bing inspected the precious refined blood and asked, “What is this? What’s it used for?”

12th just smiled and said, “This is some of the refined blood that was purified from the Earth Dragon’s heart. Each of you must eat one. This thing can gradually change your body and strengthen it, haha, I got these from my Master.”

Stunned, Hong Shi asked, “Are these Refined Blood Pearls? These are legendary treasures!” Without hesitation he swallowed it whole, commenting, “It doesn’t really have a taste, just a really cold sensation.”

Huo Bao and Chen Bing exchanged a glance and the two of them also swallowed the Refined Blood. Only Chen Hong, holding the Refined Blood Pearl while muttering, “Such a beautiful gem…… It’s so beautiful……”, was unwilling to eat it.

12th told her, “Best to eat it, there’s no point holding on to it.”

Chen Hong held the Refined Blood Pearl tightly, saying, “Let me look at it a bit more…… I’ll eat it in a bit.”

12th expressionlessly replied, “Alright then, a few days ago we began training, unfortunately, we had to postpone. Today let me train everybody.”

Chen Hong was startled, so much so that she almost dropped the Refined Blood Pearl She hurriedly swallowed the Refined Blood Pearl with an innocent expression.

12th smiled bitterly inside. Chen Hong was too care-free, he could see it clearly, but, there’s nothing he could do since she  herself had asked to follow him, and because he took her in, he had to bear the responsibility of training her. He said, “The good news is…… I received a rare Blood Fu, it’s more powerful than using Light Fu to enhance strength. The bad news is……I can only train two of you a day.”

It’s as if all of the strength had left Chen Hong’s body, as if her body felt like sitting down softly. She was just like an ostrich, trying to avoid the problem for as long as possible. She didn’t know why, but she was slightly afraid of 12th. Maybe it was because of that time when Aunt Chen tried to suppress 12th. Not only did she not succeed, she herself was suppressed which left her with a deeply unsettling impression. As a result, she had been afraid of this kid ever since.

In reality 12th was very kind to her. Following the morality of his past life he wouldn’t put her in a difficult position and he wouldn’t ever take advantage of her, however, he himself was in a difficult position for he didn’t know how to treat a delicate little girl like her.

Huo Bao and Hong Shi came first. Using the Blood Fu to enhance their strength meant that they wouldn’t need auxiliary help to train. However, there was one aspect of the Blood Fu that was worse than the Light Fu, and that was the fact that using the Blood Fu was far more painful than using the Light Fu.

The next day, 12th trained Chen Bing first, and then Chen Hong.

Huo Bao, Hong Shi and Chen Bing weren’t curious like normal, instead the three of them hid quietly behind a giant rock, eavesdropping. They thought that even though they wouldn’t be able to see, it might be amusing to eavesdrop on the conversation.

To start, everything was calm, they were just listening to 12th saying, “Let’s begin.”

“Oh, um…… Ok, r-ready……”

It was a weak little sound, it was even a little shaky.

“Using Blood Fu will most likely hurt…… Definitely more than using the Light Fu, so bear with me!”

“Ok……I’ll……I’ll try, I’ll try to bear it……”

“If it’s too much just shout out…… There’s nobody around to laugh at you……”

And then everyone heard a small cat-like sound. Huo Bao was uncertain t and quietly asked, “Are there cats around here?” As soon as he asked this, Chen Bing hit him hard. He angrily said, “What cat?! That’s Chen Hong whimpering……”

Hong Shi said with admiration, “Woah, she’s really something, that much pain and she’s only whimpering so quietly!”

Chen Bing mockingly said, “Not like you, no, when you scream, it’s earth-shattering!”

“Ouch……Oooh……ow ow…… Hrrnng, ow ow ow……”

The three of them looked at each other stunned. Huo Bao asked, “Hey, guys, what is that unearthly sound?” Hong Shi and Chen Bing shook their heads with exasperation, and then Hong Shi asked, “Why aren’t they speaking?”

Twenty minutes later they saw Chen Hong walking out holding back a tear, 12th covered in sweat followed suit, and the two of them looked rather embarrassed.

After the two of them walked some way away, Huo Bao said, “Let’s leave quietly, if 12th finds us here then we’ll be in trouble……If the next time they train…… Let’s run!” The three of them got chills at the same time. They knew that if they interfered the next time 12th trained, they’d be punished horribly.

12th washed his face, laughing bitterly inside, it was just so bothersome to train a little girl. He took a deep breath, gathered his thoughts and climbed down the cliff.

The giant Earth Dragon had already been completely categorized, the parts had almost all been sorted through, all that was really left was the gigantic skeleton. Pretty much all of the Earth Dragon’s outer flesh had  shrivelled, so since it had no use, it was all thrown out. However inside there was quite a lot of fresh meat, all perfectly preserved. These were not only delicacies, but were also immensely nutritious and not available on the market.

All of the skeleton shone with a green hue. The bones were not the normal white colour, but were in fact a pale green which was quite nice to look at. The surface was smooth as a a crystal, almost as if it was made of emerald and occasionally Fu Patterns appeared that were barely noticeable. 12th was standing next to one of the Earth Dragon’s ribs, although that rib was relatively small when compared to the rest of the bones, he was only able to wrap his arms around one half of it, it was over ten meters tall so it felt as if it was a giant column.

“Are you worried about being unable to take all of the bones?”

Luo Jie walked over. 12th asked, “How are we gonna move this thing?”

Luo Jie smiled and said, “I won’t waste a single part, haha, all of these bones are of the best quality for creating Bone Fu, even if it’s shards and dust, it can still be purified and used as materials for creating Fu.”

12th then asked, “Master, when are we leaving?”

Luo Jie answered, “Restless are we? Don’t worry, we’ll probably stay for a little while longer. After we’re finished with this Earth Dragon we’ll need to go search the cliff base. There has to be some treasures around, you can tell just by looking at this Earth Dragon. This probably wasn’t the first time that the sandstorm occurred, even if it’s once every decade, there has to be some smaller Fu Beasts lying dead at the base of the cliff so we won’t even need to look very hard. I’m sure we’ll be able to find lots of useful materials.”

12th nodded. Reward for less effort? They couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this. “Master, what do you need me to do?”

Luo Jie replied, “Nothing for now. Although, this Earth Dragon is too big, even if it’s all purified it will still be considerably large so keep some for yourself, anything that you can purify yourself……you can keep it. Also, for  the scales that you collected earlier keep a bag, haha, that stuff is precious.”

A large Hidden Fu Bag can hold tens of thousands of scales, Luo Jie was spoiling his apprentice by handing him a bag for he only had six to begin with.

12th gleefully said, “Thank you Master.” Smiling, he received the Hidden Fu Bag.

Luo Jie was the backbone of this little group. He’s also the instructor, all resources and rewards obtained are his to assign, because of this 12th received quite a lot of stuff and as soon as it was given to 12th, it didn’t count towards the group’s collective inventory.

12th called over his companions to start looking for suitable shards of bone, since some of the bones were too big to work with.

Preparing the bigger bones involved processes like Purification, Segmentation and Liquefaction, 12th did not yet have the ability to do these things, so he could only look for the smaller pieces of bone and use the normal Purification Technique. If a Great Fu Master were to see this, 12th would no doubt receive a scolding for it would basically ruin the material. Even so he still obtained quite a lot of bone material for making Fu.

In the pile of large bones that Qi Nan Shan cut down he looked for the smaller shards of bone. He then proceeded to crush them and purify the powder. Using this method 12th was able to purify a couple hundred jin of bone powder, which he could use to create a base for the Fu. This was a great source of revenue because  bone powder like this was great for creating Treasure Fu, so if this was taken to a Fu market, its worth would be astronomical, Of course, 12th wasn’t stupid enough to sell it, getting materials like this is nothing but wishful thinking for most people.

12th felt like a  busy bee hard at work, slowly gathering nectar. His own Hidden Fu Bag was pretty much full so using Hidden Fu to create some Hidden Fu Bags was unavoidable.. Now the five of them were  bent over with around a dozen Hidden Fu Bags each, and on their backs were bags made of Beast Leather which were also full of Hidden Fu Bags.

The rewards this time were amazing, good thing Luo Jie had a larger storage capacity inside his Innate Fu Book, at least three of those pages were specifically for storing priceless artefacts and materials, these three pages were densely packed with Hidden Fu spaces, otherwise they would’ve had to leave a lot of the materials from this Earth Dragon, which would have been a great waste.

Following Luo Jie’s instructions the Earth Dragon had been completely separated, not leaving a single thing that could be useful in any way. After they finished harvesting the parts, the ground was cleaner that it was before.

Luo Jie looked at the empty ground and said contently, “Nan Shan, take ten men east, I’ll take the rest west, make three days the limit, no matter what you find start heading back after three days. We’ll meet here and then leave this place.”

Of course, 12th would follow his Master. They followed the cliff face and throughout the entire journey all they saw were pieces of broken bone. Because they had just sorted through an Earth Dragon nobody was really interested in the skeletons, it’s a shame because everybody became rather jaded by the giant Earth Dragon, not caring about the piles of bones around them.

Luo Jie would occasionally pick up a piece of bone, with a sigh he would say, “There’s so much bone around, it’s a shame that we don’t have time to look through it all carefully.”

After a couple hours of walking, they found the corpse of a Fu Beast; it was clearly also a victim of this disaster. Its talons were over six meters long, the legs and body were long and thin, it had a head like a bird and a long beak. The bright red beak on it’s own was naturally a piece of Fu Material, it could be used to create a pair of greatswords.

Luo Jie said, “This is quite a good normal Fu Beast, haha, to kill this would’ve taken quite a lot of effort too, but now…… 12th, it’s all yours. Have at it.”

12th wasn’t modest at all and since his Master told him to, then he might as well do it. He took his four companions and started to sort through the Fu Beast. After watching the others sort through the Earth Dragon he already knew how to sort through this Fu Beast both quickly and efficiently. After only a few hours, not even the shit was left from this Fu Beast. The reason why it was so fast was because this Fu Beast only had skin covering its skeleton. All the flesh was gone.

Within three days, they didn’t walk too far, in total they had found six Fu Beasts, they also saw a few people from the Beast Raising Fu Sect, they had already become skeleton.

12th took a few Hidden Fu Bags from those corpses. There were all sorts of things inside however the most valuable things were two Fu Books just it was a shame he couldn’t find the Fu Keys, there were also a few Fu Scriptures, although they weren’t for training, they were actually books introducing the Beast Fu Sect, which were valuable for 12th.

Before six days were up Luo Jie’s group had returned to the rendezvous point. Qi Nan Shan’s group were already there, they were all Fu Warriors and had lots of energy and stamina, however, like Luo Jie’s group they didn’t find anything of real value. Everyone all knew that the real treasures were probably all buried beneath all the bones, but it was impossible to dig them all up, the amount manpower that required was too big.

Luo Jie said, “Once we cross these mountains, who knows what we’ll encounter. These lands are very dangerous, even a sandstorm nearly wiped us all out, everyone be careful. Heh, if we can return successfully then this entire escapade will have been worth it.”

“Yeah, all the times we’ve explored the Mysterious Lands, we’ve always come home empty-handed, haha, this time however…… it’s not been long after entering the Mysterious Lands, and we’ve already gotten ourselves a Variant Earth Dragon! Luck’s on our side, it was worth it!” Agreed Qi Nan Shan.

12th curiously asked Luo Zhan, “Uncle Luo, the last times you came into the Mysterious Lands…… You didn’t find anything good?”

Luo Zhan smiled and said, “That depends on what the goal and need was to come here. If it was purely to look for materials, then normally speaking there would always be some to find somewhere, however, if we had a specific reason then that gets hard. For example if we were hunting a Variant Fu Beast, going into the Mysterious Lands ten times…… I couldn’t be sure if we’d be successful in any of them. Even if we could find a Variant Fu Beast, I wouldn’t be certain that we could beat it and we may even have perished in the Mysterious Lands because of it, That’s why this time we were incredibly lucky, couldn’t you see how much your Master was lamenting?”

A new group of people climbed to the gap in the cliff face, following the mountain path, they walked a while until they found the path to exit the mountain. Along the way, they could gradually see more and more green grass and shrubbery, though sometimes they would even spot little animals scurrying about while there were also birds flying in the sky. It was no longer a barren wasteland around them.

Chen Bing pointed ahead, asking, “What’s that?”

12th squinted his eyes and looked to where he pointed, after a long while, he said, “That should be a small pond because that’s light reflecting……”

Chen Hong couldn’t help but cheer, “Wow, finally there’s a place full of fresh water! I’m gonna take a bath……” She suddenly realised that she may have gotten a little carried away and her cheeks started blushing; she hurriedly hid behind 12th.

Luo Jie was unsure, he said, “Nan Shan…… Doesn’t that pond look a little odd to you?”